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  1. Randall


    New pictures
  2. Hey just looking at peoples profiles! =P your skin looks Wonderful ;p Looking GdGd x

    1. Hey well... i've heard pretty good things from u and another person on here about the Aqua Glycolic Cleanser... how much does it cost and where can i buy it? I think i'm gonna switch my st ives cleanser with it.

      1. Why thank you :D. I use aqua gylcolic. It has happened my red marks tremendously

        1. I work as a machining assistant at a local steel shop. It's through my college's co-op program. You're right about meeting new people, problem is, at my job it's all older people that I don't associate myself outside of work. The money is good though
        2. Its a shame to see beautiful girls like you hate on themselves so much . Don't be so critical of yourself!
        3. I remember my best friend said he use to sweat a lot so he started using some deodorant that shrunk his pores under his armpit. He said it worked well, but he noticed that he would sweat a little more in other places (forehead, lower back, etc). Maybe try looking into it?
        4. Thanks! Oh I definitely did, which was expected of course :D

          1. thank u! happy belated bday to u too :] hope u got all kinds of wasted like i did lol

            1. Thanks for the pic comment, it made my day!