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  1. So I had either hormonal acne or folliculitis and after I was left with this one patch of skin on the cheek next to the mouth. So the skin looks fine normal color but if I smile or laugh or like wash my face or even press on the area. It gets really red and hasn't gone away for 6 months now. Any ideas what it could be? I'd really like to get rid of it.
  2. Well a couple months ago i shaved for the first time on my face and then the next day I got these skin colored bumps just everytwhere I shaved. So never did it again. They all end up flaring up real bad and leaving marks that haven't gone away in 8months. I'm continuing to get more and more of these bumps now they are on my cheeks, the side of my cheeks,and down my neck. So they are these skin colored bumps with white stringy stuff in them. I've seen two doctors that are telling me it's hormo
  3. taking minocycline. Got prescribed tretinoin 0.25%. So far doesn't seem to be helping. whiteheads spreading from the area and reacurring from where I shaved and they itch. Shaved face in small area 8 months ago only once never did it again. Got itchy whiteheads. They spread from that spot practically all over my cheek and get inflamed some turn into white tip pustules, some into hard lumps,some into these squishy big red bumps,, My prescriptions don't seem to be working. They are still sprea
  4. My doctor has me on minocylcine pills and a few weeks ago gave me tretinoin cream. It might be to early to tell but so far looks like none of it is helping :\ The whiteheads keep spreading from that area and they are itchy but I don't scratch them.
  5. Yeah I was thinking after researching, that it was some form of folliculitis. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's that. And if anyone has good suggestions on helping diminish the appearance of acne marks and scars. I'm all ears. I've been using mederma and I just bought mederma pm as well. I saw my doctor again (not a dermatologist) and he keeps insisting it's acne from hormones but it like only in the areas where i shaved and it's been spreading from those areas .anyway he did prescr
  6. 7 months ago I shaved near some of my facial hair because I was paranoid you could see it. I am a 22yr old girl. The next day itchy whiteheads showed up. I ignored them and washed my face with a soap as usual. A month or two went by and they were still there and then they started spreading. Then they some started turning into these white/yellowish pus tips. They eventually would pop on there own like if i was patting my face. They leave these awful marks and some have left holes. Some whiteheads
  7. Hope this is the right forum just joined. Girl, 22 yrs old. This is embarrassing but 7 months ago I just became so paranoid that you could see the fine facial hair on my face so I shaved and then the next day bumps showed up. Like whitehead/ skin colored bumps. I ignored them hoping they'd go away. Then a month or so passed so I started buying acne products to get rid of them since they had not gone away. Nothing worked. I gave in one day and popped them and they ended up spreading. This is al