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  1. These were taken without primer. You can see all the scars on my cheek area.
  2. If I did not have scars, I would not be posting on this board. Let me try to get some better photos for you tough guy.
  3. Hey Acne.org, I have been a lurker for a long time only posting here and there - but I was wondering if I could get honest opinions from anyone here - even if you do not suffer from acne scars. My girlfriend says she cannot even see anything, as well as my parents. They usually say, "You are the only one who can see them." I work in a nursing home and on a every day basis it requires me to speak in front of people, and usually I am very nervous - I hide it well however. When I speak to p
  4. Hey Acne.org, I moved out a couple months ago and live on my own. However, I do not have health insurance as of now and was wanting to get rid of a scar on my right cheek. Its a small area but I was curious to know if I went to a clinic how much it would be without insurance? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hey Acne.org, I was curious to see what treatment I should seek of getting this ice pick scar removed? I think that is what you would categorize it? It just seems to bother me when I am around harsh lighting and it feels real tight and dry all the time. People tell me its not bad at all and I should not worry about it but I want to try and get it removed. I been taking Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Fish oil for the longest time and still seems the same. Even applied 1000 IU Vitamin E capsules on t
  6. This has got funny. I was asking does anyone play guitar that has acne scars. That is what I meant.
  7. Hey is anybody a guitar player that suffers from acne scars?
  8. Sometimes they feel more noticable.
  9. Hey, I currently have tried most products, but it seems they all contain a shine after you apply them. Is there any good moistrurizer for really dry skin that does not leave a shine. I have tried Cetaphil, and currently using Loreal-Hydra Renewal. But it still leaves a shine. And I need something that really makes my skin feel not dry. Those work but it makes my face shiney.
  10. I don't know. It was good first month. After seems like it starts trying to break you out
  11. Any products that diminish the appearance of minor scars? Any ones that are non-comedegic (how ever you spell it) and do well in the sun? I am looking for one that stays on. Also, any thing that does not look like you are wearing make up is a plus. Help greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Yeah, is there like a gel or something that kind of buffers scars and hydrates your skin? Also, is oil-free, etc. I don't want a foundation and stuff, just want to know if there is some sort of buffering for males. Thanks in advance!