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  1. If the SA is working well for Dan and ends up having similar effects on the majority of the people, doesn't this mean a dramatic DKR change? Though having multiple acne fighting products is good, won't the staple of the DKR shift from BP to SA?
  2. It's quite an enjoyable experience paying out the ass for shipping, and then not receiving it in a timely manner, huh? This is pretty ridiculous.
  3. I believe creams clog pores, unlike lotions, which can cause breakouts.
  4. I recently purchased the CSR cleanser. I have only been using it for a few days, which I would imagine isn't enough to judge its capabilities at cleaning. However, one thing I immediately noticed is that when I clean with it, afterwards, my face seems much drier than it was right after I used Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. After cleaning with Cetaphil and rinsing, my face didn't feel any drier than before I cleaned. With the CSR cleanser, however, my face feels very dry afterwards. Any ideas why?
  5. Every morning and night I take a towel and rub it all over my face for about 10 seconds and then rinse with water, and usually repeat. It gets quite a bit of dead skin. I'm actually pretty rough with it, though it doesn't seem to bother my skin, though I imagine a lot of people would have problems with it.
  6. Some information I'd appreciate is opinions about it's shinyness, especially compared to other moisturizers (in my case, Cetaphil). So, if anyone has any comparisons, that'd be nice. This is also more of a general question, but it sort of fits here, is whether one can use a lotion with a slight amount of AHA (such as Lac-Hydrin) and a product such as Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion (which as 10% glycolic acid), which I use nightly. It sounds like this moisturizer does a good job of moisturizing, b
  7. Another victim of the phenomenon. Never got them until I started the regimen, now I occasionally get them (and in fact, just recently got one on my forehead) that's still there, though luckily hidden by my hair. I've been on the regimen since April and my face is very clear.
  8. I recently started drinking a lot of water. I went from about a bottle (20 oz) of water a day to a gallon now. I haven't been doing it for long enough to see any results, but I imagine it's worth it whether it helps my acne or not. It really isn't that difficult. I just carry around a 1 liter bottle with me all day and re-fill it when I'm done. Also makes drinking unhealthy things such as soda less attractive since I'm generally not very thirsty.
  9. I think you may have messed up your link. It goes to the Alpha Hydrox Souffle page, which I assume is not what you want.
  10. Really? Are you saying applying the Alpha Hydrox to the entire face is bad or what? I'd appreciate more information.
  11. I recently added the Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion (with 10% glycolic acid) to my regimen. I use it only at night. Dan suggests to use it to "spot treat", but I prefer to try applying it to my entire face to hopefully reduce scars. My question, therefore, is at which point should I apply it? Right now, my night regimen looks like: 1. Cleanse with Cetaphil Cleanser 2. Apply BP 3. Apply Alpha Hydrox 4. Moisturize When spot treating, Dan advises to apply the AHA before BP, but I don't know if
  12. Seems like a lot of products. If possible, it's always good to keep it simple and to stick with a cleanser, an acne-treating product, and then a moisturizer, but if your current regimen is working for you then there's absolutely no reason to change it. EDIT: I see the Vanishing Creme is your BP product. I hear mixing salicylic acid with benzoyl peroxide is usually not a good thing, though it does work for some people. Just make sure you watch your acne carefully for a few weeks. Major acne less
  13. I don't trust a website that's all just one big image. But seriously, I don't trust hype products like that. Especially those advertised on television.
  14. The CSR is preventative, it's not a cure. In other words, it should help your acne for the duration you're on the regimen. While you can stop at any time, unfortunately your skin problems may come back until you have grown out of acne.
  15. I have a fairly large red bump. Dime-sized is probably a good comparison (though it's probably actually a bit smaller). It has a tiny white head. I can squeeze it, and a tiny bit of liquid (about a drop) will come out. The longer I wait between squeezing attempts, the more will come out, but then it stops. Of course, I probably shouldn't be squeezing it at all, but anyway. There is very little to zero pain on touch. I've had them before, rarely. On the ones I've had previously, eventually the h
  16. Look around the Blackheads forum. Lots of good information in there. From what I've read (I have yet to have any personal experience), mandelic acid and glycolic acid seem to be two popular ways to take care of blackheads. Mandelic acid seems to be newer, but people seem to be raving about it, though glycolic acid seems to be useful too. I just ordered some Alpha Hydrox 10% Lotion, which I'm hoping will help with blackheads and general skin issues.
  17. I am planning on adding an Alpha Hydrox product to my regimen. Now I'm wondering which product should I get. It seems like the two best candidates are the 10% Glycolic Acid Enhanced Lotion and the 12% Glycolic Acid Souffle. For people who have tried the products, which works better for you? Factors: price, if it causes breakouts, scent, ease of application, dryness, etc. I also wouldn't mind hearing from people who don't feel using any of the Alpha Hydrox products is worthwhile.
  18. On my nose, on the tip, I have an area (maybe a half-inch square area) that has lots of tiny brown or black dots. They're really small and they're fairly uniformly spaced and sized. Not too big of a concern since they're not that visible, but would still like to know what they are and maybe how to get rid of them. Are they just my pores? I'm not sure.
  19. Someone asked a question about acne on Ask MetaFilter (a site where you can ask the community questions), and someone mentioned the regimen. I spent a few days perusing the forums and saw that the reactions were generally positive, so I decided to give it a shot, which has been a great thing. I never see the regimen mentioned anywhere, it seems. In fact, I can't think of a single time I've seen someone talking directly about it except the first time I heard of it. The word definitely needs to
  20. I used to section it off in to about four different partitions, but then I started just applying it to my entire face at once. A lot quicker and it seems to be working fine.
  21. Unless you're not using Dan's BP Gel because it's 2.5%, I highly recommend you buy some. No streaks or any other problems. I'm not sure if Benzac's gel typically streaks or not.
  22. I doubt my acne will ruin my entire life, but it sure makes enjoying the present difficult. It seems hard to find pleasure in the good things of life when all you can think of is the spots on your face (and whether people are looking at them).
  23. I actually don't think I've let acne prevent me from doing anything yet (which is amazing, since sometimes my acne causes me to feel really horrible). However, whenever I am doing something and I'm having a bad acne day (such as today), I feel extremely ugly and can't seem to enjoy the activities I'm participating in.
  24. Yeah, I need a haircut right now but I'll feel really bad if I look in the mirrors that long. I'm just going to let a friend cut it and hope she knows what she's doing. I think I'll just have her cut my bangs, so that will be fine.