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  1. If you have health insurance, talk to your dermatologist about topicals...which could work for you; they didn't work for me...but, what has finally worked is Enbrel (taken by self-injection weekly). Extremely expensive, but my insurance approved it. I suffered for two years before going through a seven month process of finding out shampoos, gel, foam didn't work. My derm didn't want to go the pill route. Now I use Enbrel, with Taclonex gel to help keep it all at bay. I'll see him again in Novemb
  2. Thanks for posting. I've found lately that when I stopped using the brand of deodorant I have used for years and years, and switched to one that listed propylene glycol as the main ingredient, my skin condition improved. I'm still not totally convinced it's my old deodorant that was causing the folliculitis (...oh dear, here I type it-->on my butt! Boils, little pimply red dots, etc.). Oh aside--the deodorant only goes on the underarms for me, it's not like I swabbed my butt with it! That's
  3. Hey ChuckH, Thanks for your post--I'm definitely interested in how propylene glycol works over a longer period. I look forward to your update!! ~relieved
  4. Wow, NoNos, Suffering with what sounds like what you've got, I'm very curious if Desitin is going to work long term. Like you I have tried many, many things, to no real cure...yet. I tried Boudreaux's Butt Paste (it's diaper rash stuff too) a long time ago, and it didn't work. I still have the tube--it's 16% zinc oxide. Hmm, so 40% in Desitin, I wonder if there is something to it, that it has to be higher % to eradicate stubborn staph. Right now I am swabbing down there with ACV twice a day (
  5. Thought of some more things I've tried that didn't work: Aqua Glycolic, Glytone, Acne Getaway, Herpanacine (pills), exfoliating, not exfoliating, and ignoring them. I put some Nair on the other day...too soon to comment. Will have to keep going for a while to see what happens. My thought is to remove the hair so that the bacteria/fungus/mystery germ doesn't travel down the hair shaft into the follicle (as doctors love to explain...the first time was informative, the second time familiar...third
  6. You may want to look up hidradenitis suppurativa. That's what I think my long-term butt "folliculitis" really is, and there's no cure. Boils, pimply-type acne, dark blood-filled pimples that leave purplish welts that take a long time to fade. It seems like HS affects armpits, groin, under breast, but also other areas like the backside. I hear accutane doesn't help. Anybody who has the cure, post away, but please don't list cures for acne, hibiclens, phisohex, phisoderm, bacitracin, BP, hydro
  7. Thank you so much for telling me where I can finally be accepted if I just take off my clothes and put on a lot of makeup. All for the sake of the special lighting they have there, of course. Is fathom a ten-cent word? I guess that makes me smart since I know what you are saying, Nippleleon. What a cute name, matches the sleaze factor of your post.
  8. My first thought is yes, the herbs in the parasite/candida flush are going to go to work on the "friendly" bacteria you have in your intestines. But, it may be worth it as you cleanse your system and rebuild with probiotics after the flush. Have you checked over on askshelley.com? She's got a plethora of info on just what you are asking about.
  9. I hope that is a given. I think folliculitis is a pretty generic term. Like saying, "I ate a fruit today." You may want to investigate further if your case is long-term (say, decades) and resistant to treatment. It has nothing to do with being dirty or keeping poor hygiene.
  10. yes tried lots of different things...no cure yet... my latest experiment is turmeric (got the idea off the earthclinic site where it talks about boils). if yours are just acne gone south, then try AHA stuff and BP and bacitracin...my doesn't seem to be that type. Mine's "folliculitis" and it's resistant to cure...that darn stapholococcys bacteria...or fungus...or....MRSA...or... sorry, I guess I'm irritable about it! Best of luck.
  11. I got used to it--maybe try mixing it at first with honey and cinnamon or apple juice...I did that, and I also mixed into Emergen-C. I can take ACV just with water now. I had abandoned the whole ACV issue a couple of times because I couldn't handle the taste. Also--I rinse my mouth out several times afterward right away in case there's anything to the acid hurting tooth enamel.
  12. I've had some ACV burps but not too bad. When I first tried to drink ACV a few times I had a hard time with it, but over time it's like my taste buds/throat/tummy got used to it and accepted the taste. It helped to mix it with other liquids at first but now I just take it in water. And I definitely wash out my mouth afterward to protect my teeth. Also if I use it on my face, the skin practically glows!
  13. Hi, Shane, I wish I could tell you what would help--just wanted to empathize with you. It's maddening to deal with body acne. All I can say is hang in there and maybe an answer/cure will come to you through this board or elsewhere.
  14. I wonder if it might work for folliculitis on my backside.