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  1. Yep I'm on accutane and keflex to fight any bacteria. I get injections when I feel something brewing umder my skin she injects the spot.
  2. Sounds like cysts to me. When I started accutane in Feb. the cysts that I had already, filled up and were very easy to pop within three days. It was really the best cyst turnaround time I had ever had. Instead of weeks of that thing hurting and lingering around, I was done with it in a matter of days. Good luck, -Robin
  3. I cleanse with purpose bar soap and have not needed to moisturize at all. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
  4. All but my gyno are morons so I know what you mean. This accutane thing is a huge investment as my damn insurance won't pay for it. Her kindness about seeing the best results asap makes it so much better. Sorry you are going thru that crap.
  5. My derm is the greatest first off! Every month or anytime the need arises, she fits me in and does extractions or gives me the old cortisone injections into the lesions. Between her " cleaning up " any potential distasters, the accutane, topicals and anti-biotics she keeps me on. Things are going pretty smoothly. Hell, I'm almost to the point where I am getting spoiled. I just call her up, she fits me in and eliminates anything brewing under the surface. Is this pretty much standard for mo
  6. Yes it was very, very oily. It's a trade off. I do believe that the oil prevents wrinkles, but that constant blotting and make up smearing and breakouts, I just have had enough. Seems I was not going to grow out of it.
  7. * slowly raises hand and whispers 41 *
  8. In my pic I was in my third week. My skin was very oily and I had persistant acne some was cyctic. My derm gave it to me no problem, but I am also 41 years old and have literally tried everything. Never hurts to beg and plead for it.
  9. At 41 this Feb. I became so frustrated, I had to do something. When I say I have tried everything else, I mean it. I have used things you all are too young to have been around for. Like baking under a sun lamp on your face in the derm's office. Great medicine now, eh?
  10. Wow you look great!!! The texture of your skin has also improved so dramatically in those photos. Looks so smooth and clear. Keep us posted! I am so happy for you.
  11. What sweethearts you all are! Makes this damn thing on my face seem not so bothersome. Well... it's still bugging the shit out of me, but your kind words helped a lot.
  12. I can say that is the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me. I"m glad I could help. The non drama part comes with age! LOL! Thanks again.
  13. I use an extractor. You can find one in most drugstores. They work great and are so easy to use. I stay on top of mine and keep my pores clean.
  14. * sits on hands * Stick it out, not long enough. You can do it!
  15. Thanks for the compliment it helps as I have this new thing on my face and am duly pissed. I was in my third week. The initial breakout went something like this. Everything I had currently breaking out on my face quickly filled up and was way to easy to pop. Then I was bumped up to the 40mg. This is why the derm takes it slow in the beginning so her patients don't freak out at some huge uprising going on or something on their face. After a couple of weeks on the 40mg I got like three cyst