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  1. Hi, yeah, until recently I thought red marks were scars, also. I have some true scars but I'm mostly going after the red marks right now because the scars I have seem to be shallow, and are not super noticeable among the vast speckling of red and brown marks that cover the sides of my face. :/ Thanks for the suggestion of Retin-A for the indentations. I totally understand your skepticism. I rely heavily on DIY stuff and while part of that is because I don't like putting tons of weird unk
  2. I'm not as worried about the scars (which I know are there also, sadly ) as I am about the red/brown marks. Does anyone have first-hand experience with something that works? Since posting the photos above I've been trying something new. I started putting vitamin C on my face at night since I've heard people have some success with toners/masks (both professional and DIY). Mine is 1/4 vitamin C powder, 3/4 aloe vera gel mixed together (made fresh every night). I put it on generously and let
  3. Has anyone used vitamin c topically to help treat scars/red marks? I read about it previously and I've been mixing small amounts of vitamin c powder and aloe vera gel and applying it to my face before bed. It usually leaves a stiff coat in the morning, which I exfoliate off and then moisturize with a little coconut oil. I've done it 3 nights now. I always have to exfoliate some dead/dry skin in the morning, which is new - should I take that as a good thing? Has anyone else tried this? I
  4. Hi! I'm sure those wouldn't hurt you, I personally prefer to not put things with colors/fragrances added on my skin. The less stuff I throw at my poor face at this point, the better. You can typically find a bottle of pure aloe vera gel (watch because they sell aloe juice, too, and that'll be way too runny to use) at health food stores. I'm pretty sure I bought mine on amazon. They're big bottles but you can do a lot with it besides treat your face - as you probably know, it is awesome for b
  5. No, I've never been on accutane. I scar really easily all over my body. I'm just lucky that way.


  7. Behold! My poor face that has not known unblemished bliss since age 14. I realized the other day that as bad as my face looks, probably 70% of the yuck on my face is actually red/dark marks as opposed to active acne. I've never found a good solution to outbreaks or whatever (I tried desperately as a teen but everything seemed to do more harm than good and really dried out/irritated my skin) but if my evaluation of the percentage of red scars or whatever is correct, it'd be a HECK of a hu