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  1. If anyone in the States wants to look for a good acupunturist near them, check out this site. [email protected] I'm going to get this soon too.
  2. I so want to get acupuncture for my hormornal break outs. But doubt it'll stop the excess oil, so i'll still want to go on Accutane.
  3. "What happened to your face?" "What is that?" <<<< with that look on their face. These two
  4. I don't think ppl hate on her. I think ppl just think she is careless. Which she is. Driving with that kid on her lap for one. Paprazzi is up her butt bc, well...she did do a reality show that filmed her wedding. That's personal, and she did it to herself letting ppl film her personal life for money. So she shouldn't even complain. Plus being a celebrity you get stalked, pictured, & criticized. It comes with the territory of being famous. I would hate to be a celebrity bc of that.
  5. Omg, this thread is kind of funny. hahahaha
  6. She should've taken off the BP cream off before going out in public and clean her smudgy eye liner off. It's like she just woke up. She's sloppy.
  7. i am taking that right now, works well!! Good to know, cuz it was highly recommended to me.
  8. Oh man, I hear ya about the irritating creams and the oil that keeps coming back... I hate it. I don't understand. Why wont he give you Accutane? I'd change dr. if I were you.
  9. What exactly did you do to it? Are you on Accutane?
  10. For the girls. If this regimen seems too much, there is this good product too. http://shopping.yahoo.com/s:Hair%20Loss%20...168-Brand=PHYTO
  11. You're welcome. Come to think of it, i'd wait the 6 months after to start doing this regimen. Because if doctors say it's suppose to grow back after Accutane, then it should. But if it's not the same, then this should def. work bc it's what cancer patients do after chemo. OH, and other supplements that I know of too is iron and calcium. It helps.
  12. My bf doesn't have acne like cysts. He sometimes gets whiteheads and blackheads, but his skin is always clear. Anyway, aside from the fact that I love to pick his...lol.. Black & white heads sometimes don't go away with a cream. Well some ppl. He doesn't use topical creams either. He doesn't suffer from acne like me.
  13. haaa. Seriously. I mean, I have squeezed my bf's zits before, but never in public. That's just gross. I wouldn't squeeze my own in public either. I think it looks rude.
  14. Weird, it's been very gentle on my skin. But then again, I don't have sensitive skin.
  15. What's Alpha Lipoic Acid & MSM? Are those supplements?
  16. Almonds & Salmon. Vitamin C daily. This is all I know.
  17. This is a process cancer patients do when they've lost all of their hair due to chemo therapy & have grown their hair back quick and healthy. I got this from another board & I figured since there's alot of "hair loss" threads i'd paste this on here for you guys. Now, I don't know what you can or can't take while on Accutane so look up what you can take in the meantime....if not, I guess wait til you're done with the meds. I hope this works for you all. -------------------------------
  18. I'm Latina with fair skin. I wish I had my dad's caramel olive complexion, instead I have my mom's. I think I look better with color. I hate being pale, I don't know. I can't say I embrace mine. lol. Alot of ppl with fair skin look good with it, but me...i don't like it. I guess the key is to color your hair that goes with your complexion.
  19. I love WH! It's so gentle and cleanses very well. Also makes the pores look smaller.
  20. Has anyone done 20 only throughout the whole entire course? Could that work? Does it have to bump up some?
  21. Simply_Me, take a look at what I found. http://www.herbalcaredirect.com/Liver-Clea...CFVCAFQodWAc2mA