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  1. No, the acne doesn't. When I PMS i'm a devil. I don't know what makes me. But I have an idea of what it can be. I'm thinking of seeing a therapist too. But I noticed that the med. hasn't boost it up.
  2. Ever notice that it's the stuff we love we can't have. Dammit.
  3. Yeah, when I do drink I don't binge. I get a nice buzz with one or two drinks. lol. Just the thought of putting it to risk scares me. So basically don't take it the night you're out and the day after? OMG, NO. That doesn't sound safe.
  4. Is it bad? I'm on my fourth day of Accutane and applied Taz the day before. It burns a little. How often should I use Taz?
  5. Hell YES it did. I took Yasmin last year, and HOLY emotional roller coaster that was. I'd cry for NO reason what so ever. One time I got mad at something, and I was driving home so fast crying hysterically for no reason, that I didn't care if I killed myself on the way home. NEVER again. I was suicidal almost, not kidding. I even got the ill side affects. That traumitized from taking bc pills in general again. And I never suffered from depression, do drugs, or abused alcohol...totally no
  6. What triggers mine is my beloved coffee & peanuts. I love those two.
  7. I'm quite a moody girl with sometimes a bad temper. I've never suffered from depression or anything like that. But I am b*tchy. I was afraid that Accutane might boost up some of my moodiness...get those anger rushes. Well funny thing is, I noticed the total opposite. lol. I've been taking this for 3 days(I don't know if it's too soon), & i've noticed that it made me feel mellowed out. A little calmer than usual. Heck, how can it make anyone moody/depressed if this thing is going t
  8. When do you guys think it's best time to have a drink after accutane? I've been taking Accutane for 3 days now. In about a month my friend wants me to celebrate her bday, and get drunk. I told her I can't, lol. At least for five months, I can't drink any alcohol. I'm not a heavy drinker, just socially(once in a blue moon). I was thinking maybe a weak drink, but I wouldn't want to risk it anyway. I can have fun sober. This just left me wondering. Thoughts?
  9. If you were to have liver damage wouldn't that show up in the blood work?
  10. No, not Ipledge. The yellow sheet inside the box that has directions and all sorts of good ol' warnings. lol. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Just go by the box.
  11. Inside there's the yellow sheet with directions and it says to take it twice a day. On my box it says to take it once a day! ???
  12. My doc told me 6 months, but i would wait a year just to be in the safe side.
  13. I plan on doing this AFTER my course is done. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...c=98699&hl=
  14. That junk confused the hell out of me too. But now I got it. Basically, just register with the ID and make up your own password, they're going to ask you to change it. You call your derms office and tell them you're already registered. Then, you have to wait to hear from your derm's office. They'll call you to give you the go on when to get the medication. But before you go to the pharmacy to get your medication, you have to log into the site and answer the questions. You have the ans
  15. What's Borage oil? Also I started drinking whole milk again bc i'm under weight. Is that fine too? I'm scared that my cholesterol level can go up. Although I don't have it.
  16. Thanks. I'm avoiding sugary foods and fried foods. But I can't avoid much, bc i'm under weight and I need to gain some weight. I'm too thin.
  17. Ok yeah, she told me that after a month she is going to dose it up more. I start this week.
  18. thats a good dose for you. 20mg might be too low to keep ya acne away long term. I think 40mg is a good dose for you, and it sounds best. Ok, thank you.
  19. I'm going to start soon. Is it ok to take Vit. C and Milk Thistle supplements while i'm on accutane? I have to get my fish oils caps soon too.
  20. Ok, so I went to my derm's office this week. And she told me she is going to start me on the lowest dose which will be 40 grams. I thought 20 was the lowest gram? Mind you i'm 5'0" tall and weigh 95 lbs. Is that too much for me to start on? Or maybe my Accutane comes from a different company?
  21. I know butter isn't good but damn it tastes good with it and cinnamon.