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  1. Thanks all. I stopped using those cleansers. My skin NOW is dry. Amazing. I still have the huge cyst on my cheek though. So i'm dabbing S.A. on the zit only. I'm washing it with that Cetaphil soap. And that's it.
  2. For me it would be hard to tell, bc i'm bitchy as is. BUT, I haven't noticed a change for now. So thank goodness.
  3. I don't know if Accutane weakens the immune system, I know that anti-biotics do. They did for me. Anyway, i'm taking Vit. C daily. Give that a shot if you aren't. Good luck and hang in there.
  4. Ok, it's been about 20 days i've been on 40mgs of Tane. I still have cysts. Skin is still a little oily. So I hate wearing lotion of my face bc it makes it feel greasier. I wipe my face with Witch Hazel now and it burns! It's red. I'm also washing with Biore acne wash, that contains Sasylic acid. Help, what do i do??!!!
  5. I haven't been reading this forum in a while and it seems like the Joppa is the biggest rave now. What's the link? I'd like to check it out.
  6. Holy crap, after one month!!! Whoa, and you're not even done with it and you look fantastic. Congrats
  7. This sucks. They get tender and without me picking on it, one popped on it's own. I can see a very little tiny hole, like a big pore. Hopefully it wont leave a nasty scar. What do I do when this crap happens????
  8. It has improved since i finished my course, but it's drier than it used to be for sure and i pretty much always need lube now. I threw it away. I'm going to see him this Thursday. ANd probably have it drained. Hmm.. Also about the dryness. Maybe there is something that can turbo charge the libido so that the same wetness can come back???
  9. Talk to an endocrinologist. I've never heard of that. What is that?
  10. I would take that, but i'm on Accutane. And on the Accutane sheet, it states not to take any herbals supplements. Which I think Primrose is??
  11. How does one check to see if their acne is hormornal? What are the exams? And how does it get treated? I have a feeling that mine are out of wack!
  12. I have a question... I have a HUGE cyst down my hoo-hah that hasn't gone away. My gyno gave me meds for it to go away, but I never took it bc I started Tane. Should i just have him slice it off? He said that if it didn't go away, he'd have to get drained out. I'm not sure if that'll be a good idea since i'm on Tane.
  13. Try almond butter. It maybe expensive though, but almonds are great for the skin.
  14. Don't tell me it dries you up down there. That would suck..... Can you get the Karma Sutra online somewhere?
  15. I'm now taking a fishoil cap with milk, eat breakfast...then wash down the Accutane pill with more milk. It's working. I'm starting to feel drier.
  16. i take it after a bagel and cream cheese everyday, I also take a fish oil cap. I've been taking fish cap oil pills in the morning, but i take my tane with dinner. So you take the fish pill right before the tane? i take them like 5x/day. Oh wow.
  17. Oh ok, I hope I get it. I go to the derm on Tuesday. I just read the other post about fatty foods. I never thought it mattered that much. Stupid mistake on my part, obviously. If I get tane again, I'll drink a full glass of milk before taking tane. You have to drink it before, or with it?
  18. i take it after a bagel and cream cheese everyday, I also take a fish oil cap. I've been taking fish cap oil pills in the morning, but i take my tane with dinner. So you take the fish pill right before the tane?
  19. Ok, i've been taking my pill right after my meal and I make sure it has some type of fat. So what/how exactly do you guys do it? And i've been drinking whole milk everyday, and i'm use to skim. Blah.
  20. Eight days here and it's starting and i'm greasier.
  21. It's been 8 days for me, and i'm greasier than before. Feels gross. It's so damn sticky. I can't wait to feel some dryness. I'm breaking out like hell too.
  22. Yeah, i'm not going to do it often. I didn't even drink much at all when I wasn't on Accutane. I drink once in a blue moon, like one night in every month or two. NOT every wknd. I usually like Vodka or Bacardi. I don't like beer at all. Thanks for the replies everyone. Oh yeah, so what i'll do is the night i'll go drinking is i'll take my pill in the morning. Then the next day take it at night with dinner. There, that should work then.