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  1. So on Friday night I went out with my friends who I haven't seen in a while. I didn't want to drink but they were like, "c'mon, one drink." I was bored as hell at the place I was at(some go go dive joint! Hence why I was so bored that I needed one), so I decided to have a diet coke and bacardi. Told the bartender to make it light. Gosh, I was paranoid drinking it! I didn't enjoy it, left half of it. Got a buzz with half a drink! Then Saturday night I had a small glass of dessert wine, an
  2. I don't want to get off of it. I'm loving it, regardless of the dry lips and shitty hair. My skin looks smooth and damn squeeky clean. I wish it would last like this forever.
  3. Well I have a low immune system as well, so that can be beneficial for me. It can treat a bunch of other things too. PMS cramps, which I get alot. It can help with stress. I really looked up into it. Yes, i'm going to ask my derm. Just wondering if anyone here has done it. Also, does health insurance even cover it?
  4. It's like that with me when I drink coffee or eat peanuts. Both of which I love. But since i'm on Tane i'm taking advantage and drinking coffee, which what I missed the most.
  5. I want to get acupuncture treatments for my hormornal acne. Can I get it done while on Accutane? Anyone know?
  6. Take it with good fats, not bad fats. Good fats = salmon, almonds, whole milk, avacado, olive oil, eggs...etc.
  7. sucks for me bc i have a shit memory. i dont need this thing enhancing it.
  8. i'm having trouble trying to order this thing.
  9. Yeah, you can probably find something at Walmart too. I remember the last time I was in Walmart I bought a protein shampoo. Once this one is done, i'll buy that one again. Thanks!
  10. oh fak! no wonder. i've been forgetting alot of things too. is this common?
  11. wait, someone refresh my dead brain. lol' are you suppose to do it the same exact day they have confirmed it at the dr.'s office???
  12. I wouldn't use those strips if I were you. I'm gonna ask my derm if there is a way I can clean my pores without squeezing. DMBs, I also bought Biotin shampoo. It's from Energizer too, comes with a little bottle of Jojoba oil. Gotta put in some drops when i use it. I think something is working bc my hair is not shedding much now. But hopefully i'll grow some in the hair line.
  13. I forgot to log in the same day they called me. Sh*T! Now I can't answer the questions. Suppose to do it yesterday when they called. Damn hassel
  14. I want to get my pores cleaned. I can't stand these clogged up whiteheads and blacks that I never got. Is there a way to get them cleaned w/o having the skin squeezed?
  15. Well for my second month she didn't want to boost up the dose. I'm doing 40mg once a day. She says bc i'm so little 5'0" tall & 95lbs. she didn't want to go up. What's the most a girl my size can go up to? I was looking foward to 80. I'm gonna try to push up on that. I'm breaking out with new zits. Is it that I have to wait, or I should go higher on the dose? I have been drinking coffee too, that makes my skin break out. But I need it. My dumbass also forgot to wash my face befo
  16. Take it. It's really a good drug. All you have to do it take fish oil caps 3 times a day. Someone suggested calcium pills, i think that's a good idea too. Good luck.
  17. Well I bought these pills today at the vitamin store. They're called "Energizer". It contains zinc, iron, biotin, vit. b...lots of goodies minus vit. A. If I had the money to spend I would've 100% biotin pills, silica pills, and iron. But I opted on the other one bc it has everything in it. Lets see how is works.
  18. DON'T pick at all. Your skin is going to be tender. Like sticking your finger in warm wax I would say.
  19. So funny bc I feel like the drug has done the opposite to me. lol. I feel mad chill. And it's been about 20 something days on it for me.
  20. Oh wow, I've noticed that too with myself, the beginning of my part is looking bigger and my scalp is more noticable, it sorta looks like a new hairline that's pushed back in the middle Yeah, i'm taking a pill of Biotin everyday. I'm gonna have to boost it up to two a day. And maybe Iron may help with hair strength?
  21. Hahahaha. Funny thing, right. Well, you know when you wash your face and powder your nose it looks smaller...imagine it greaseless bc of Accutane. Looks great. It's def. bc the pores are smaller. I haven't noticed my eyes yet...i'll keep focus on that to see though. One thing that i'm noticing though, is that my little bald spot on the front of my hairline(which I had before tane) has gotten a little bigger. I hope I don't get a huge bald spot there.
  22. A good thing too... My nose. It looks fabulous. It looks less wide, small almost. The oil makes my nose expand a little. Now that it is dry, it looks cute.