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  1. Maybe Yoga. Also, can you maybe take those over the counter memory pills? Check to see with your derm if you can too. Good luck. I've always had a hard time concentrating but can't tell if the medication has made it a little worse.
  2. Do you exercise? That may help increasing your energy, if you aren't.
  3. Hey, you're very cute. Very nice features. You look alot like an exbf of mine who is a fitness model.
  4. no, i haven't. i'll look into it too. thx.
  5. God I hate this stupid program.
  6. I have a feeling things will get so much better for me too. (Gotta stay positive too). I read on here so many times how it's been hell the first couple of days/months.
  7. This is my second month, and i'm still getting a few tiny pimples and my cysts from the IB haven't gone yet. But my skin feels so clean and after the IB I haven't gotten another cyst. I'm not dissapointed with what it is doing to my skin, the rest of the texture looks great. Since my pores have shrunk that has made my nose look smaller...lol. But the dryness, oh boy. Sex life isn't as great and this is depressing, but it'll be temporary so i'm not that worried. So for now it's between B
  8. No, don't do that. Plus that's gonna mess up your blood work. Just ask your derm if you can go up.
  9. I hate it when he tries to touch my face, I don't let him. I envy those who love getting their faces touched. I wish I was like that.
  10. Let me tell you guys that i'm on Accutane and at this moment I wish I was single, due to dryness. I can't even kiss my bf without enjoying. And intimacy isn't as good either, bc i've gotten so dry due to the medication. Being single is the best time to treat your acne, esp. if you have to get on Accutane bc it dries you up SO much! (Not to the original poster though, his face is smooth...pfft ).
  11. Dude, I only see one baby pimple. That is nothing!
  12. That's really depressing me to know. I'm gonna ask my derm, next time I see her.
  13. Seriously, I wish I did Tane when I was single dammit.
  14. I'm such a h*rnball that I didn't think this would be possible. Please tell me this will be over as soon as the course is done?? Then again we had foreplay in a hot tub jacuzzi, so i'm thinking the water probably dried me up some more. Anyway thanks for the tips ladies. I'm gonna try both of those lubes you gals recommended. Do any of them feel like water? I hate the sticky oily types.
  15. It's painfully dry. I got "excited" for it this morning, but no natural lubrication what so ever. Like a cardboard. Oh man, it was bad.
  16. *&^*%&#@%& I'm pissed!!!!!!!!!!! Today I was suppose to get my second month's refill. And I couldn't get it from the pharmacy. The guy at the counter told me that IPledge needs something from my derm's office bc they didn't approve him. What the hell do they need??! The lady in my dr.'s office said I was all set to go. I got home from work, signed in, answered those annoying questions, then went to get them. BUT NO. And the sh*t is my dr.'s office is closed tomorrow, ugh!!
  17. That's how i'm feeling. The total opposite. I think i'll be depressed off of it, lol. No but seriously, ever since i've been on it i've been more mellowed out. I'm done with my first month, going on my second month now. Lets see. But so far, so good. Forgot to add: i'm a moody person afterall. But when I was on Yasmin BC pills...oooof Horrible depression ever. It could be your bc pill.
  18. Yeah, I guess I shouldn't put anything on it then. Does anyone know any vitamins maybe that will make the swolleness go down at least?
  19. I used every anti-biotic for my cystic acne then came the time where they didn't work anymore. My last resort was to choose Accutane. Working great so far.
  20. You know what, now that i'm thinking about it. I think it's best for me to wait after i'm done with my course. Because what if I can't see what treated my acne. Know watta mean?
  21. I have this one STUBBORN cyst that developed the first week while I was on tane, it's been draining out every single day for the past 30 days. Lots of puss and blood, gross. It does not heal! What the hell! Usually if I get a cystic zit it'll stay for about a week, if popped. But not this one, it has drained out of 4-5 little holes and still....stuff comes out of it everyday. What do I do? I rub it with peroxide water so it can leave faster. But it wont. There are also 3 small cyst