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  1. Your wedding is next year, you still have time to look for the right makeup for you that wont make you break out. Have you tried any of the mineral makeup lines? They do cover well and wont make you break out. You might want to look into SheerCover or Philosophy mineral makeup. Also, for your wedding pictures. You can go to a prefessional studio that will airbrush imperfections out of your pictures. Good luck and have a wonderful wedding.
  2. 12...*sigh* & still at the age of 24. it was really bad at age 15-18. i still get a cysts here and there, and have extremely oily skin.
  3. Get another dermatologist. I hate derms who rush you out of the office like that, ugh! That happened to me recently. Anyway, I took Accutane when I was a teen but I was so dumb that I stopped. I too got afraid of the what if side affects. And let me tell you, I shouldve done it when I was a teenager. Couldve avoided so much crap. Don't worry about the side affects bc your dr. will monitor you every month. If something comes up, then your doc will make you stop. I think you have to do a
  4. BEFORE, it stopped me from walking out of the house w/o makeup. Now, I don't care...unless i'm actually going somewhere. I became anti-social. Not like that anymore. It made me really depressed. My acne annoys me, but not as bad when I was a teenager hiding my face with my hair & makeup.
  5. Witch Hazel astrigent is the best. No alcohol and it leaves your skin cleeeeeeean.
  6. THis junk burns like hell!!!!!!! Be careful when you apply this on, for those who haven't tried it yet. I just bought it today & it went on the corner of my eyes, it runs fast on your skin. So be careful putting it on. I almost blinded myself. Holy sh*t!!! How long does the burning sensation last for? My skin looks amaaaaaaaaaazing already wow!! But it's stinging my eyes, lol.
  7. Tanning helps hide the redmarks, BUT it will make the marks leave longer.
  8. No, I wouldn't want to trade it. But off the topic a bit, they should def. find a PERMANENT cure for it...aside from Accutane. THese things, not only do they look bad but HURT LIKE HELL! And i'm sick of painful zits.
  9. Where do you guys get tea tree oil and Jojoba??
  10. i'm only taking one a day. i don't know what it is, but something made me breakout all of a sudden. not sure if it's bc my skin got extremely dry off of this topical cream i'm using now.
  11. http://www.philosophy.com/web/store/catego...5_N_30068_23506 Looks good. Suppose to look like your face has been air brushed. Anyone have any inputs on this one?
  12. I want these cysts to go down(i know they're not leaving) asap before the wknd? Anyone know what I can do?
  13. I think that is beyond severe. My God, I feel terrible. I wonder what they have to take to treat that???? God forgive me, but I think I would take my life if I ever had it that bad. It's the ones that I have(5 cysts) and they hurt like hell, I CAN'T imagine how that must feel. Claud & Femina, you guys look great. Don't even look like you had it before. And Fem, you're quite handsome.. I had acne vulgaris when I was a teenager.
  14. Xiomara

    my log

    you're a cutie
  15. Anyone know of any good face self tanners that wont make you break out?
  16. Where do you get the Laura Mercier? I've never heard of this one.
  17. Has anyone taken this & made you break out? I've been taking them for a week & now my skin grew some big wompers on my face. About 4-5 cysts.
  18. I know. I feel like i've tried almost everything & nothing. Esp. the diet. Still have oily cyst skin. I haven't gone through Accutane completely yet. I did it once when I was a teenager but stopped bc I was afraid of all the bad hype over it, the ugly stage made want to stop & it got me depressed. Not the med., the zits itself. I shouldve stuck to it. I'm gonna see if I can get them this year.
  19. All I know is that most ppl go through the "ugly" phase. That's when you break out the most at first, then it changes. hang on there
  20. I had really good sex this wknd and NOW POW I have like four cysts on my face. And no, i'm not getting my period soon.