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  1. I'm looking into it. I want to get my premenstrual symptoms treated. Cramps, mood swings, and acne.
  2. No fluid? That sounds weird. But then again, it's not like you can pop them most of the time. Go to a derm to see if he/she can inject them. Good luck.
  3. My green/blue eyes, hair, proportional figure. My flaw is my skin's condition.
  4. Thank you! How many mgs? And for how long should I take it for? It's embarrassing to have that, i'm in a relationship. So imagine.
  5. Are you PMSing? You can always get another course too. Maybe that'll clear it up for good??! If you talk to your derm, let us know what he says. Anyway, you're :wub: either way. BTW, your journal has inspired me the most on here to get on Accutane. :) so are you... okay, enough flirting with ppl on this thread. lol
  6. It's not even when i'm about to PMS, still. I have it everyday. This also can be the fact that I have HPV. I need to ask my gyno & new derm.
  7. i'm mild to mod. i took for a while, worked but now it wouldn't work on me. yes it works for the first time, but then when it comes back you need higher doasges or a stronger antibiotic that will be the same thing. I wish I knew this would happen, if so i wouldve gone on accutane from the beginning. such a waste for me.
  8. I have a problem since i've taken so many different antibiotics for....???? God, a couple of years. Anyway, I know that some of them cause yeast infections. I have this constant discharge that doesn't seem to go away, thanks to the stupid antibiotics. I haven't been on them for almost a year. And don't plan on taking them again bc of that. Anyone have this same problem? I don't know what to do anymore.
  9. Oh, that's interesting. I never heard of that. Good luck with everything!!
  10. You know what, NO. I take this advise back. I read somewhere that since the skin is so sensitive a little scratch can turn into a bit cut. So imagine heating your skin. Use the mystic tan. Or wait til your course is over.
  11. Hell NO I wouldn't touch alcohol while on Tane, but that's just me. I feel like it's a risk and will interfear with something.
  12. Isnt that bad to take antibiotics while on Accutane???
  13. Go to my gallery. Yes, yes I can. Yeah, but keep in mind, she has endless and endless amounts of money. I'm sure she used a lot of that money fixing her scars. amen. yes, i wouldn't doubt it.
  14. After reading all these success stories I can't wait to get on it. But i'm thinking it's best to wait til the summer is over since the skin will become super sensitive to the sun. What do you guys think?
  15. Are the muscle joint pains temporarly? After you're done?
  16. Proactive made my skin worse. I don't even know how the hell that thing is still selling. Jessica Simpson's skin looks flawless, gives me hope when I take Accutane. Yes, I know she's annoying but her skin looks good. lol
  17. I would consider this if it works like Accutane. I mean, if i'm gonna be taking that much pills a day it sure better work like it. That's alot of pills.
  18. Find out if you can take libido booster while on accutane. I don't want that to happen to me when i start taking it.
  19. Asprin mask and tea tree oil should help it go down some.
  20. http://www.acnease.com/Tacne.asp Anyone tried these? Accuzine hasn't been doing squat for me, save your pennies ppl.
  21. I was gonna say, mix BP with a mineral foundation. I'm gonna try that myself too, never done it.
  22. I see the head of pus. Rub hydrogen peroxide water. That'll burn the sucker up.
  23. My hormones aren't balanced well. I'm gonna try accupuncturing to see if that can make it normal. Looking into it.