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  1. Damn, i'm not even on Accutane yet and my skin is thin already. This is going to blow for me.
  2. Angelina has nothing, still gorgeous. So is Uma. What acne?.......they all had like one or two tiny puimples or some shallow rolling scars.....no big deal.....I wish my skin looked like any of theirs right now........ I know, me too. It looks flawless if anything.
  3. Xiomara


  4. Angelina has nothing, still gorgeous. So is Uma.
  5. Had acne all my life and i'm type O. This thought came to mind to me once btw. Oh, and my acne was severe as a teen and now as an adult it's mild. But still have the oily skin.
  6. hahaha....you had me thinking, "this has got to be bs, or maybe not."
  7. If you get a good one, it wont. The key too, keep the brushes clean when you feel they need to be cleaned. I wash mine with Dial anti-bacterial liquid soap. Also for poweders, I change the little face palet when it's starting to look gunky.
  8. Try Accutane. Consider that, please. Because all my derms have given all types of antibiotics and NONE work on me now. Had I know this was going to happen, I wouldve taken Accutane when given the chance. Keep in mind too that these antibiotics gives us females alot of yeast infections!
  9. What about getting them injected? Can you get cysts injected while taking Accutane? Ask your dr.
  10. Sounds good^. I'm broke, I need something cheap that'll work too. lol. Thanks guys.
  11. Yeah, that's what I want to do. I can't wait til this trip arrives and over soon. lol. Soon though, June 8th.
  12. Hi all. I am going to Miami beginning of June. I know the sun rays there are killer! I need to buy a good sunblock for the beach. And one for when i'm not on the beach for my face and body, just walking around. Like a dry sprtiz. Anyone know of a good one? Thank.
  13. I have oily skin and cystic acne. I just finished a whole bottle today. Still the same. I have another bottle, which i'm going to finish see if that may work. I'll keep everyone updated.
  14. LOL. Man, I just hope I don't get those joint pains either, cuz then I can' t go to the gym. whaaa.
  15. Love your attitude. Thank you. xoxo I felt so shit today, and i'm not even PMSing.
  16. Jesus Christ, I didn't even read what he wrote. Smokin!
  17. LOL. Seriously. Wow. You're a hottie!
  18. Xiomara

    Was soo nervous!

    Holy MOOOOOOOOOOOLY smoking canoli!!!
  19. Totally bothered me today when I was working out and the sweat was burning(like a sting) my face due to these stupid as creams I wear at night like retin A. Ugh. I just can't wait til the day I don't have to wear this junk anymore. I'm suppose to go on vacation in June with my friends, but i'm thinking of canceling the trip bc of my frikkin' skin. And stay away from the sun and hurry up and get the tane. Screw that. I was thinking of waiting til summer is over to take tane bc I don't wa
  20. Eyebrows make such a dramatic difference to your face. I love mine. They have the perfect arch, but I also brush it w/brown mascara so it can stay put. Doesn't look fake either. Just neat.
  21. Can someone post the link to where I can purchase this? Thx