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  1. One question. Does it stink? I want a non stinky sunscreen if possible. Hey again No, it doesn't! It doesn't have much of a smell at all. Just a very, very faint sunscreen smell. And it's non-comodogenic, too, so it won't clog your pores. Forgot to mention that before.
  2. There is a suscreen by LaRoche-Posay, which is FANTASTIC. It is a more runny consistency, compared to the usual sun creams, which are thick and greasy, and leave behind that oily, sticky looking shine. This sunscreen is amazing. It goes on so smoothly, dries matte, doesn't make my skin oily, and gives great sun protection. When I was on a course of doxycycline a while ago, I was at the pharmacy filling a prescription, and one of the pharmacists gave me a free sample of this sunscreen becau
  3. Hey there. Concealer shouldn't look dry or flakey when applied, if it is a cream/liquid concealer. If you want it to apply smoothly, you need to firstly make sure that your skin is well hydrated, moisturised, and exfoliated. I suggest exfoliating 1-2 times a week, just to remove any dead skill cells and flaking skin. There are many exfoliators which you can purchase, however there is a simple DIY one which works very well - brown sugar and olive oil. The brown sugar gently exfoliates the fac
  4. Hi I would highly recommend the sunscreen by LaRoche-Posay. I have used their SPF 50 sunscreen specifically for my skin, and I love it. It is not greasy at all like a lot of sunscreens, applies very well, and works great! You can also get sunscreens which are either flesh coloured, or completely clear, so you cannot tell you are wearing it at all Good luck!
  5. Hi What you are experiencing is an initial breakout, it is completely normal to break out while first starting the Regimen. Secondly, you do not need to wait to wash off the BP. The BP absorbs into your skin. Just wake up in the mornings, wash your face with the cleanser, let it dry, apply the BP, let that dry, and then moisturise. At night, right before you go to bed, do the exact same steps. That is all that you need to do. Good luck
  6. Hi Personally, I don't think that washing/moisturising your face three times a day would make too much of a difference. I mean, on the Regimen, they really want you to touch your face as little as possible, that's why the washing/moisturising is limited to twice a day. The reason for that is you do not want to wash your face too much, and that also you would be stripping your skin of its natural oils by washing it so much, which could cause skin to become very dry, or oily. Howeve
  7. That happens to me, too. Whenever I apply BP, my eyes start burning and sometimes tearing. I make sure to avoid the eye area, but as I have very sensitive eyes, the BP applied to/around my cheek areas still aggravates them. I just try to apply the BP as quickly as possible and close my eyes while it is drying and then it's all okay
  8. Hi Victoria93, Have you been using the Regimen? How is your progress so far? Are you still on BC while on the Reg. Hi Yes I am still using the Regimen. Been using it for almost a month now. I didn't have bad acne when I first started using it, as that was mostly cleared up by BC, I only have blackheads left and hyper pigmentation, and the occasional small pimple which goes away quickly. But I love the regimen, it's working very well for me. I started off using the treatment twice a day, but
  9. Hi The dark spots you're referring to are hyperpigmentation. They are the dark spots which remain after the acne itself has gone. They are really annoying and take 10 times longer than acne to get rid of. That's currently my main concern. I got acne mostly on my cheeks, and whenever that happens, even if I don't touch the pimple, after the acne goes away, it ALWAYS leaves a mark, and it takes so long to fade away. Although these will fade out naturally over time as your skin renews itself,
  10. I'm assuming you are using the Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion. It s pretty much the same consistency as the Regimen moisturiser, maybe a little thicker, and absorbs quicker than Dan's. It's pretty much the same deal as the moisturiser from the Regimen. There is already a video up on how to apply moisturiser on the regimen. Although in the video Dan is using his own moisturiser, the process should be the same with any other moisturising lotion. If you are finding it too hard to spread, don
  11. I have also previously used Epiduo for about 5 months. I have started the regimen about 2 weeks ago and haven't experienced any dryness, flakiness or irritation.
  12. I'm not sure to be honest, I'd say it's acne that's sitting underneath your skin and hasn't come to the surface yet.
  13. I agree with AldoMG, 10-20 minutes of sun exposure a day is ideal. Perhaps your acne seems to be more red because you're using Epiduo, which causes your skin to become sensitive, especially when it comes to sun exposure. Make sure you put on sunscreen if you go outside for long period of time.
  14. Don't give up. Your skin is simply adjusting to the treatment (BP). When I first tried using benzoyl peroxide long ago (before the regimen), my skin hated it. It was itchy, irritated, flaky, dry, red. All that you're describing. But with consistent use, my skin got used to it and now I'm fine with it. You just need to give it time.