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  1. Hi guys! I thought id share my experience with you all. I started to develop acne around the age of 13. Funnily enough it has never really affected my face. I get it on my chest and back. I tried so many things as a young teenager (now 27) and nothing worked... Except sun but there is little here in UK and I try and avoid sunbeds if possible. I was eventually put on accutane and has one lot of treatment which cleared me up brilliantly. However, I now suffer from inflammatory bowel disease
  2. Hi guys just wondering if people who have tried b5 could say how long it took for it to clear there skin and was it a slow process or after a certain amount of weeks did u clear up really fast?? Or for those it didnt work for how long did you take it for? Ive been on it 6 weeks now and have seen an improvement but am still getting a lot of new spots. Just wondered if this was normal or not! Thanks
  3. Hi GUYS Just a quick post to say i ordered this glycolic acid night cream (15%) the and have used it twice and my skin has improved already! obviously not cleared spots up in that time but feels smoother and generally nicer!!! They do a moisturiser (10%) and cleanser, toner, treatment gel, body scrub, body cream and a load of other stuff all with glycolic acid in. Im gonna try some other products if this night cream continues to be good. Any way thought id pass on the web site if any one is
  4. Ive been onit for about a month and since then i have not got any spots what so ever, whereas before i was getting about 3 spots per week i must add however to me it seems my body reacts to it straight away. ive had acne for 3 years, tried alot of things and this has worked best for me so far so i think i shall be ordering another tub! You say youve been onit katie and that youve noticed an improvement, i woould like to ask you whether or not you feel dizzy after taking it? or whether or no
  5. ive nearly finished my second bottle (5 weeks ish ive ben on vilantae) and there has been definate improvement. Im gonna give it the full 3 months at least as it does say that is the average length of time it takes for people to get 'clear'. strongtype - how long have u been on it? bbbsq11 - im sorry its not working for you - id keep going coz some has said they broke out really badly then in te spave of a week or two just cleared up completely!! g=fingers crossed we all get clear!
  6. I ve been taking it for 5 weeks now and have noticed an improvement but im not clear!! Ive ordered 2 more bottles but was just wondering if it doesnt work than can i get a refund easily like it said!! Im still hoping it works as 5 weeks is only a third of the time recommended!! Im not giving up!....... just wondering! Acnesuxors555 - did it not work for you??
  7. Hi I was just wondering if anyone had got there money back from this company. Just wondering if it doesnt work for me how easy it is to get money back. The web site says no questions asked money back within 90 days but this seems too good to be true!! Ive only been on it for 5 weeks and have seen some inprovement but still got a long way to go until clear! If by 3-4 months i wasnt clear then id send off my empty bottles like they say you can for money back!! Thanks
  8. im so happy for you gogeter!!! Hope your 100% clear soon!! I have been taking it for almost 5 weeks and have definatley noticed a difference. Im hping that in the next few weeks it keeps improving and that im clear soon!!!! fingers crossed!!
  9. Hi I suffered from what I thought was IBS for about 3 years after tane. it didnt start for a while after coming off tane but it made my life hell!! Since Christmas,after 3 years of embarrassing and just altogther awful symptoms my 'IBS' has stopped (fingers croosed!) Now after reading skeptiks post I think mine was IBD due to blood in my stools as well as the incredibly painful and embarassing other symptoms. I suggest you see a doctor and really hope it is only temporary for you
  10. Hi You need to take the B5 everyday./ My tablets are 500mg each so i take 5 tablets 4x a day. e.g. 5x at 10am 5x at 2pm 5x at 6pm and 5x at 10pm. Good luck! How long have you been on it for now?? My skin isnt looking great today I woke up and my chest has a couple of new spots and loads more red marks that are not really spots but they might errupt!! Im also getting sore spots on my neck, like under my ears. Not alot maybe 2 or 3 but they hurt ans are the kind that dont go
  11. Thanks Tim. Best of luck to you! How are you getting on?
  12. Its day 20 and over the last 3 days i have noticed SUCH an improvement!!! Seriously though I have about 3 active spots on my chest and the same on my back!! (This has improved from at least 20 on chest and the same on back so a massive improvemnt!!) My skin is really dry from the bp but nearly clear!! The overall red marks have started to clear i think because there are less spots coming through so they get a chance to heal! Not sure whether it is down to the bp or the b5 or both together but im
  13. some people say that the quality of the ingrediants is better in some brands. I ve only tried vilantae so dont know if that is better or worse than anything else!
  14. where do you live?? I live in the UK and last time mine came really fast! I hope it arrives for you!! How long have u been on it for?? x
  15. Im on the vilantae brand and have noticed really good improvememt! Im on my 17th day today!! It has all theother vitamins you need to take too so I thought it would be the easier option! It gives u a full oney back guarentee with in 90 days which is good!! That b5 clear skin is meant to be good too. I think thats what vikster uses and she has reported really good results!! xx