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  1. Powderma has a really nice acne treatment applicator as well that I use for my back acne.
  2. I would agree. I would try switching bras.
  3. From what I have read the acne bacteria feeds on the oil and dead skin that clogs your pores and causes an infection.
  4. I have been using head and shoulders on my back for a while as well and it has definitely helped. And a couple days a week I will apply Powderma's back acne treatment in the morning as well, which also contains zinc. That helps a lot too.
  5. If you feel you absolutely must pop a zit, you should immediately clean it with hydrogen peroxide. That will help kill the infection in your pores and also the bacteria you probably added to your skin from your hands.
  6. I would recommend against the salicylic acid wash. It doesn't stay on your skin long enough to be effective. Interesting article about it here http://www.acne-treatment-guide.com
  7. You really shouldn't wash your face more than twice a day. Any more than that can irritate your skin and make your acne worse.
  8. I had the Fraxel laser treatment done, which I understand is similar, and my Dr. said to wait at least 30 days for your skin to heal before I had another treatment. Your Dr. would know best, but I would think waiting a little longer than ten days may be worth considering.