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  1. This gel really does improve your overall skintone. The redmarks that I have are definitely fading and I just started using it Sunday, Dec 14th. I used it twice as a 1-2 hour mask. However, instead of using it as a mask, I dab some on my index fingers and mix it with Jojoba and Hyaluronic acid serum and use it daily before make-up and then it's the last step I do in my nightly routine. I think my skin looks better with the daily application. I also use a 15%Glycolic/HA serum in the morning
  2. I've used it three times and all three times I can tell it calmed down the redness from acne marks but I wouldn't say it made them go away. I also used this right after I did a 55% LA peel and left it on all night...typically my skin is really irritated after a LA peel, but not this time. I don't plan on leaving it on overnight on a regular basis. Will update any progress later.
  3. You can just use witch hazel as a pH prep. I personally don't feel it is necessary as long as you wash your face throughly prior to the peel, and of course don't use soap to wash your face either....need a non-soap cleanser. I've also never used a neutralizing agent for a GA peel, but have for a TCA. Here are the instructions I got with my GA peel: 1. Cleanse skin using a nubby washcloth which will help to remove surface oils and allow for a better peel...just don't scrub too hard and all
  4. I've tried both and they don't really peel deep enough to lighten hyperpigmentation in my opinion. From what I read though Lactic Acid is supposed to work better for hyperpigmentation than the Glycolic Acid and is is gentler too. I would start low with around a 40% peel, not sure about the unbuffered. They are not all made the same either. I typically get mine from Makeupartistschoice and had no problems with any of the peels, but one I got on Ebay seemed 10 times stronger then what was on t
  5. I just started on .001 gel Retin-a about 2 weeks ago. I didn't really have any zits before that, some clogged pores but that was it. Now, I have three big deep underground zits that just won't go away. I've had two of them for the past week and one just popped up last night. I know people purge, but is this purging...its seems more like cystic acne, and I don't know it it's common. I started using this because I know it helps with anti-aging, clogged pores and sun damage. I had gotten m
  6. I've been using the mandelic from Garden of Wisdon for about a month. I haven't had much peeling with this product on my face, but my hands did peel alot. My pores are less clogged and my skin has been looking much better. I've heard that the Vivant Mandelic acid is one of the best, I tried a sample but since it's so expensive I got the GOW version. I'm going to get the Vivant one next time b/c I hear it works much better. https://shop.gardenofwisdom.com/quickSearch.hg Pretty much every
  7. How do you apply it? Do you just rub it allover your face like if applying BP?
  8. Trying out jessfoliation
  9. Thanks...I've actually been keeping up with all 4 of your logs because it seems we all have clogged pores and mild acne. I can't wait to try Green Cream myself, but I can't use it until after I have my baby Right now the jessfoliation seems to be helping me.
  10. I've been trying the jessfoliation and it seems to be working to help unclog my pores. After I have my baby and breastfeed I'm definitely going to try Green Cream...seems most people love it.
  11. I've been wanting to try Green Cream since reading about it on the forum. I have a couple questions about the application. I know with Retin A you have to apply it to clean, dry skin...is this the same as with Green Cream? Also, I know with Retin A you don't put on anything else with it, but is this the same with Green Cream? I've read where some people put moisturizer on after 10-15 minutes or so.
  12. I got thru high school with clear skin and then suddenly sometime in college up until now i've had mild acne.
  13. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and my skin has been moody the whole time. I haven't gotten any cystic acne, but I've noticed that I'm getting alot more whiteheads. My t-zone is especially prone to little whiteheads and i've always had clogged pores that you can see under the skin but they don't become inflamed unless I pick at them...if I tighten my skin they look like white/skin colored bumps...not sure what these are called?? My pores also seem to be expanding and I don't know if this is due to the
  14. What is hydrocortisone topical? • Hydrocortisone is a topical steroid. It reduces or inhibits the actions of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation, redness, and swelling. • Hydrocortisone is used to treat inflammation caused by a number of conditions such as allergic reactions, eczema, and psoriasis. • Hydrocortisone topical may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide. It's basically the stuff you put on bug bites and stuff like
  15. Summer is almost here and I've yet to find a good staple sunscreen for my face. Recommendations please! I just started on the CSR but might switch to Green Cream b/c I've used Retin-A in the past and had good results. I really hate having anything heavy on my face and the Eucerin seems to be too oily for my liking.