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  1. Hi so earlier this year I started the regimen and followed it very closely, cleansing, applying bp, and moisturizer two times daily. I started with mild-average acne and within 2 months I had completely clear skin. Once I had clear skin, I found a happy medium in which I only applied bp once a day and still maintained clear skin. However, for an entire 5-6 weeks I got incredibly lazy and only applied bp about once a week, but surprisingly, my skin still stayed clear with the exception of a p
  2. Thanks for the reply. I actually did cut down the bp and irritation went down a bit. However a couple months back i was prescribed ic doxycycline for my back acne from my dermatologist. Being the lazy person I am, I just got around to taking it, and have been on it for the past week. I have to say my back acne is getting a little better but, in conjunction with the face regimen, my face has became extremely dry and red/irritated.I haven't had this much dyness, irritation, and redness since my fi
  3. ok so currently im on my 6th week on the regimen, and my acne when from moderate to now mild. But over the past week ive recieved these weird somewhat irritated red spots under my eyes and on my chin and cheeks. My only explanation for this is that instead of waiting 10-12 hours apart for each application, for the past week or so my applications have been about 8 hours apart. Do you think this is causing it? Im also noticing a lot of dynesss, which is weird becasue my dryness went away my 3rd we
  4. Thanks! Never thought about waking up in the middle of my sleep to apply the regimen at appropriate timing. Will try it out
  5. OK so i pullled an all nighter yesterday, and didnt end up going to sleep until like 11 am. I woke up around 9pm today and did the regimen. Ill probably go to sleep around 4am tonight (slowly get my sleeping schedule back on track). SO my question is should i do the regimen before going to sleep (that would leave 6-7 hours between applications) or should i just wash my face, or should i wash and put very little bp on? Or should i just apply aha on before bed??? Let me know guys before 4am!!
  6. ok so im on my 3rd week of the regimen and just got myfirst break out while on it. Whats going on? Is this normal? I follow the regimen very thoroughly and havent missed and application yet. But when i woke up this morning I had a painful pimple on each side of my cheeks, and a big white head on the left side. I know Dan said your sopposed to get an "initial breakout" but ive been on the regimen for 3 weeks, i dont think this is classified as "initial. As far as bp goes, i used half a pump
  7. im on my third week and same thing happened to me i just got 2 big painful pimps on my cheek. however i use a generous amount of bp and get it eveywhere and am extremely gentle, so i honestly don't know what the problem is
  8. OK so i have mild face acne but pretty bad back acne. I went to the dermatologist about 2 months ago and she prescribed tetracycline for me to clear my back acne. One thing led to another and i never started taking them. I did however start both the face AND body regimen 3 weeks ago. My face started clearing up, but theres NO improvement for my back acne, its still pretty bad. So my question is, if I start taking the tetracycline will my back acne get better? Also my face is somewhat clear,
  9. cetaphil daily facial cleanser works good. but id just advise you to use dans because it lathers really good and comes on and off your face real easy without being irritating.
  10. ok so im a guy and 17 and have bad back acne. I have been doing the back regimen for about a week now and havent really results yet. BUT im making this post because im a little confuese and and wondering if im doing it correct. So currently im washing my back 2x a day and after each wash i wait about 10 minutes and apply 4 pumps of bp (2 pumps for each side of back) then i wait about another 10 minutes and apply 4 pumps of aha (again 2 pumps for each side of back) i then wait about 10 min