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  1. I was on retin-a for a while back then. Unfortunately I had to stop because the costs were getting out of hand. I was using it for about 6 months and I only saw minimal results, so I don't think it really has much of an effect for me, but I may try to go back sometime.
  2. Hi all, I've read up a lot about PIH in the past. I have a lot of scars from a break out last year that are still here. They are mostly reddish/dark spots, some of them have a very slight indentation, some are smooth. Almost all on the sides of my cheek, though a handful on my forehead as well. Recently I learned about post inflammatory erythema (PIE), and I think I may actually have that, not PIH. So quite possibly, I've been treating the spots wrong since I have used methods to treat PIH,
  3. hoagly

    January 10, 2015

    Haven't been updating as much as I wanted to. Especially I have only one other album, and it was 6 months ago. Think everything is stating to look better, at least compared to the July pics. Don't have any pics of last March, when I was at my worst.
  4. Planning on giving it a couple more months, but many of the same marks have been there for many months. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Worked with aczone and retin-a

    I took these pills at the same time I started using aczone and retin-a creams. The results were visible in a couple months. There were noticeably less active pimples, and most of what I had on my face were marks. Still dealing with the marks today, but at least I don't have to deal with active pimples much anymore
  6. Hey everyone! My skin seems to have a very difficult time dealing with the marks acne leaves behind. As of today, I don't really break out anymore. But past breakouts have left behind numerous marks, especially on both sides of my cheek. I've had the same dark marks on my cheeks for several months, and they don't seem to be going away. Some of them even feel indented just a bit, which is something new to me. Does anyone have any idea or tips on how to help fade these marks? I currently u
  7. hoagly

    July 28, 2014

    First album I will have created here. Planning on doing frequent updates on my acne marks and scars.
  8. 44 Days After Really weird. The skin between my eyebrows all of a sudden turned red, and I don't know why. Besides a small pimples that was already there, it doesn't seem or feel like new pimples are gonna come out. It's just bright red, like I scratched it, except the red isn't going away. New pimple coming up on bottom left cheek. Two big fat red ones that have been on my right cheek (in the area where all the dark marks) for about a week, and a third one I can feel coming up literally
  9. 7 weeks later First off I'll start by saying that I do realize I have been forgetting to post for such a long time. Being a college student, life is very busy and I am such a studious person, so I barely have time to do other things. So I've been sticking to the same routine for almost 2 months now. Still using all three products prescribed to me: cephalexin pills twice a day, aczone cream in the morning, and retin-a at night. To be honest, I don't see much improvement. I would say that
  10. 11 Days After My face always goes in a cycle between being very smooth and having a couple or three bumps on it. Right now I'm really happy because it's very smooth now. Hopefully it doesn't go back to bumpy. Spring is a-coming, which is good for me. For some reason, my acne is much worse in winter than in spring/summer. I really have no clue why, but it's just that. Anyways, I'm continuing to stay with the normal routine (cephalexin pill morning and night, aczone in morning, tretino
  11. 9 Days After Definitely seeing some slight improvement now. The batch of pimples that were on the bottom of my right cheek are less dark, and even though there are 2 new pimples in its place, I think it looks better than before. The couple of pimples I had on my forehead are gone as well, and their marks are there, but less noticeable. Overall, I think I am liking these products. I have no idea if it's just my mindset (I've started to think way more positively) and it's all just a placebo ef
  12. 5 Days After I guess you could say that I'm seeing some changes. Good and bad. The good news is that my face has gotten somewhat smoother. Like it's actually kind of unbelievable when I'm washing my face in the shower and I don't feel as many pimples as I used to. It actually feels somewhat smooth too. Not as many big bumps anymore. The bad news... it may be making my marks more darker. I've noticed that between two pictures of me now and me about a week ago, there's a noticeable dif
  13. 2 Days After Still not really any signs of improvement. There are, however, signs of another breakout. There are a bunch of little bumps on the lower section of my forehead, mostly concentrated around the top of my eyebrows and the region between the eyebrows. When I applied the retin a cream tonight, I noticed that the area in general became a bit red, almost like it was irritated for some reason. Other than that, not much else has changed. Recently active pimples are healing at normal
  14. 1 Day After Not much improvement, to be honest. My face seems the same. Of course, I know that it takes more than just one day to actually see some. I didn't really expect improvement this early. Also, I've noticed that the tretinoin is actually not very irritating for me. I've seen people say their faaces turned red and started flaking and stuff. I have not noticed any of that at all. It doesn't hurt or sting or anything when I apply it, too. I'm probably gonna start to apply it every n
  15. New member of this site. Definitely not a new member of the acne club. I started having acne in junior year of high school. At the time they were like a few pimples and it was very manageable as I could just shrug it off. As I got through the rest of high school, things went down a slope. To keep it short, more breakouts, more pimples, more sadness. I've tried so many methods. Medicines like sulfur pads, epiduo, metrogel, etc. I've tried commercial products like proactiv, neutrogena, etc. Al