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  1. Try bleaching cream, you can get it at drug stores just apply it over your face at night, it works best for me when i mix a lot of bleechign creme with alittle moisturizer so it wont irritate my skin, it helps alot in a few weeks or less they will start to look better, stick with it, theyll be all gone soon,
  2. The best way to clean your face is to rinse with warm water at least 5 times before you start to use soap, when your ready to use soap only use enough to make bubbles dont use enough so that is feels like a layer is on your skin, you want to use the smallest amount possible so theres less chance of leaving residue wash and rinse 3-4 times on the 3rd or 4th(depends on how many washes you do) rinse with really cold water and rinse well, at least 10 times to make sure that there is no residue and y
  3. Try Eucerin moisturizer, they have a special kind that helps to reduce redness, they use it at my derm's office afer microdermabrasion and lasers, i had the same problem with redness when i was starting to clear up, just be sure that you continue to moisturize and your skin will adapt to the products your using and will become less red.