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  1. I weigh 43.5kg. I was supposed to start off with 40mg/day for 6 months. However, the derm changed his mind last minute and prescribed 30mg/day since I am "small." Will I relapse after this 6 month course of 30mg/day? Is this considered a low dose for me? How long would I have to be on 30mg/day to ensure the acne does not return? Thanks in advance. PS. It's been a week since starting 30mg/day of Absorica and I'm already experiencing side effects like dryness, redness, and back pain.
  2. Thank you for your replies. I had a dermatologist appointment last week. The derm said that he will start me off with 40mg a day for the whole treatment. This worries me as I weigh only 43kg and my acne is not severe (it's moderate). I've heard many stories of people who weigh more (with severe acne) and they had 20mg for the whole treatment. They experienced very minimal side-effects and their skin has been perfect for years. I don't think I can persuade the derm to lower the dosage. He assesse
  3. Hi there. I took doxycycline 60mg for about 6 months. It cleared me up beautifully. However, I have been off doxy for about 4 months and the acne has come back in full force :\ My entire family is pressuring me into taking Accutane and now I feel like I've no choice. I've tried every topical imaginable. Epiduo worked nicely but stopped after a while… I also have body acne as well and it sucks not being able to wear short sleeves or open back dresses (I am literally wearing long-sleeved shirts
  4. Oh, I see. My skin has always been on the drier side so having it be constantly oily sorta freaked me out. Maybe my skin grew extremely sensitive to both ingredients (bp + adapalene) and caused breakouts? Glad Epiduo works for you though! I've stopped using the topical for 4-5 days now and it is the best decision I have made so far (I hope I won't regret saying that!)
  5. Thanks so much! I took your advice and didn't use Epiduo last night and oh what a difference it made. I substituted the topical for a hydration mask cream thing instead and oh my goodness. The result - matte skin for the entire day. No excess oil dripping/collecting on my forehead/cheeks, just a well leveled skin tone with very minimal redness. Hmm… what do y'all think? Had Epiduo been the contributing factor for my excessively oily skin? Should I just stop using it? Also, is it bad to just
  6. I'm unsure if my moderate acne is a result of sensitivity to Epiduo. I've been using Epiduo for almost a year now and though it has worked well paired with doxycycline (doxy fixed the majority of my acne) my skin seems to be irritated all the time and mostly tinged with a slight redness throughout the day. This redness is emphasized even more after I've washed my face with Cetaphil's gentle cleanser, applied oil-free sunscreen, and moisturized with Cetaphil's moisturizing cream. I don't particul