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  1. Yeah what about for girls?? Does having an orgasm cause girls to break out?? I stopped having orgasms all together cause I was afraid it was breaking me out... but I have no idea it it does or not... it never did when IW as younger... I just wanna have an orgasm again .
  2. I'm the same mate, always the first that people come to for advice if they have any problems but I can't help myself on anything. I'm just plain hopeless with myself. Trying to get out of it though, and think about myself a bit more.
  3. I know for a fact that I'm not as friendly as usual or I tend to have a short fuse with people if they piss me off. Just can't help myself and people don't understand how you feel. I also tend to keep my head down and try not to get attention so much. Wish people who've never had the problems we have could understand how it makes you feel about yourself. Think you sometimes just need to take a deep breath and relax, tell yourself that it isn't anyone elses fault really.
  4. Really sorry to hear your about your flare-up. I've got a wedding on Saturday too funnily enough, and I've just had a breakout of a few spots, seriously pissing me off cos I've been doing so well lately, and seems like you've been doing brilliantly lately so chin up, you look stunning. Just tell the derm that you need the treatment as you find nothing else works. Not good for the long term but if you find you can do it without irritating anything, you could use some foundation for the day.
  5. Don't worry you're not alone, sure there are more people with same thoughts, and I'm one of them. Mine has cleared up a lot, though still have a couple of active spots at a time usually, but I still get really paranoid about it and even when people compliment me I can't seem to accept it as someone complimenting that I look good. Really hope I stop this way of thinking at some point because it does get me down, but if you've cleared up a lot, I'm happy for you. Plus you've got a bf that obviousl
  6. Agreed Acne, well its not what people want to see. I mean, Youve got a guy with acne all over his face, same face same body as the guy beside him but of course youd pick the guy without it. Not if the guy next to him is a arrogant bastard with lacking in any personality I wouldn't. See if only more people had your outlook on it all, I feel like I'm in a town that has so many shallow people in it compared to when I visit other towns/cities.
  7. It never makes people look better, would be lying if any of us said it did, but doesn't necessarily make someone ugly just cos they have spots. When I have the odd few days of looking really clear I don't mind looking at myself in a good way and thinkin "yeh you look alrite tonight man!" but does affect confidence if you're having bad days. Had some twat comment in front of some people from work "ah it's the ugly c*nt from 2nd floor"... made me feel so bad and angry at the same time. If I wer
  8. lol It's only dead when all the shit comes out, otherwise it's all stuck inside still and you might/probably have pushed the whitehead deeper into your skin.
  9. I can relate to you big time. The other day I was so chuffed during the day, actually felt quite proud to look at myself for the first time in years and didn't notice any active spots, just some red marks, and I felt so happy. Of course, the next day I could feel a couple of little spots coming on and I thought "Ahh for fucks sake, leave me alone to be happy for a coupla weeks you twat" Got coupla bitchin spots now, the ones under the skin you cant really touch, and I've started feeling shit ab
  10. :dance: :lol: :eh: :sick: That is really really sick, dunno how anyone could do that. Don't think I've ever squeezed a spot in public, only when I'm at home or in another room or something.
  11. Try the chemical peels, they work for quite a few people n at least that way you'll know if they work for you.
  12. So basically the good idea is to eat shit loads of curry? Sweet!
  13. Sorry man, I'm in the UK so no American fests for me! Going to Reading for the whole weekend and V fest for the Saturday. Should be a great laugh cos I've never been to Reading before. Probably a stupid question, but wondered if doing mushrooms (psychadelic not garlic! ) would affect acne at all?
  14. This is an interesting point, I sometimes find the same thing. My Dad also recommends something that sounds seriously stupid to anyone that hasn't tried it..... when you're going for a jog or on some serious exercise that's similar-wear a black plastic bag like the ones you put in rubbish bins (obviously with the arms/neck cut out. When you do the exercise it makes your body sweat out all the toxins and other shit that clogs up and you end up sweating like a paedo in a playground! Does your ski