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  1. Would i get good results from 6 sessions ($800) of restore?
  2. whats the difference between repair and restore? Is there alot of downtime? Would i get good results from 6 sessions ($800) of restore?
  3. I thought fraxel was the thing to get so if i paid for 4 more fraxels at $200 each.. thats not a good idea?
  4. 6 months ago I went to a highly recommended doctor in Grand Rapids, MI and they suggested that i get the DeepFX and ActiveFX Treatments. I was very red, crusty and scabby for 3-4 days and everything was looking GREAT until the swelling went down... then it was back to normal. I was told to wait 3 months to see some results but i seen nothing. The TotalFX costed me about $1200 Last month i went back for a checkup and they recommended that i try fraxel. They offered 2 treatments for FREE and if
  5. Hey guys.. i just got the DEEPFX done also.. Well.. its been about 2 weeks. i had to get there an hour early.. they put numbing cream on me and went to town... lol. it hurt like hell. No pills. no shots Before pictures.. not the best.. sry This is what i looked like with numbing cream on me. A few after pictures. the next day 3 days after OP 2 weeks later.. my skin looks normal. It was pretty plumpy so the scars were hidden but now its back to being nasty again. The docto
  6. After 3 failed TCA CROSS treatments.. i went to a specialist and he told me to get DEEPFX treatments. Has anyone heard of these? It sounds pretty promising. I have an appointment set this friday and its going to cost me $800 for the first treatment and "even less" for the second treatment.. they said i might only need 1 treatment though.
  7. does anyone else have any tips? or is this site full of lurkers? Ive made a similar thread before.. no help i need to know what i should be doing? should i take lots of vitamin c? will that really help me? please explain
  8. you do them yourself? do yuo have before/after pictures? what do you think about the link i posted?
  9. what do you put on your face before and after? take any pills? can you help me... maybe im doing it wrong? i see these and get depressed =[ http://www.acne.org/messageboard/before-af...s-p-t23133.html
  10. Ive had 3 TCA cross treatments and im not seeing ANY improvement and some scars are getting worse I asked the doctor and they said i would need 6 treatments.. why the hell would i need 6 treatments? my scars arent bad.. they are getting worse. He also told me not to put anything on my scars except vasoline... he didnt even recommend vitamins or anything.. can you guys PLEASE tell me what i should do? heres 2 pictures of my scars before... ill take some afters later. What should i tell hi
  11. now i remember why i stopped coming to this site a few years ago..