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  1. I like Clinique's "anti-blemish solutions foundation"
  2. Hello I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about vitamins? About the dosage and possible side effects? I especially am wondering about B5, as I've heard some serious horror stories about hairloss, is this only going to happen if you take megadoses?
  3. I use "Lavera pore refining moisturising fluid". It works wonders for me; Organic, no perfume or parabenes. It's the only moisturizer I've tried that haven't broken me out.
  4. Gotta agree to what you said. A few weeks ago i cut out dairy and it has made a hugeee difference already. I wouldn't ditch my moisturizer though as i get dry skin, but it's waterbased and all natural (Lavera). Same about the vegetables and fruit as you say. And lemon and tea tree oil is holy grails to me. Besides that i think it's helped ever since i started taking vitamin and mineral tablets too. So if some of you haven't tried what she said, you really should.