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    I'm a Student midwive and also pharmacy assistant.
  1. Not used the johnson's one but I've used a cheapo version I found. I swear it actually cleared my skin up. I got the one for oily skin and it felt really nice, more on the watery side rather than think and greasy.
  2. Hi. I'm a student midwife and see a lot of people who's pregnancy hormones muck up their skin so you're not alone!! As has been said you have to be careful with a lot of the treatments so always check with your doctor or pharmacist even for over the counter stuff (of ask me I have a huge book with almost every drug in it!). Good luck with the pregnancy!
  3. I've used panoxyl for a few years. Started on the 5 and now on the 10. Works fab for me! I dab it onto the spots and then use a bit of tissue to wipe away the excess. After it dries I put on some moisturiser. No redness or dryness!
  4. Um yeah- that was kinda weird! Did it work for what you used it for? Use it for dry skin and horseriding scars. It is quite greasy though and while it does list blemishes as one of it's uses I'd be wary of it.
  5. I've used it but not for acne. Box actually says it's oil free despite being called bio oil!!!!
  6. Asprin apparantly contains SA so you can crush it, add a bit of water and make a mask. Seems to be helping me!
  7. I only really had mild acne, mainly on forehead and chin. Not entirely sure why but one day I stopped using all my facial scrubs and moisturised 2-3 times a day...totally the opposite of how I used to treat my skin! Now I only get the odd spot here and there (and the occasional cysty thing on my lip which I've never found anything to work for anyway!)
  8. I've been taking yasmin for nearly a year now and even though I only had mild acne it's made a difference. I no longer have a forehead full of bumps and only get occasional break outs. Hasn't made me pile on the pounds either. They say the reason for people putting weight on with birth control pills is that the hormons increase your appetite.
  9. Hey. Occasionally I get weird cyst type spots but they're ALWAYS on the edge of my top lip. They're about 5mm in diameter and start of as red, deep painful lumps and after about 2 weeks start to get a very slight yellow head. Horibble!!! It's about then I tend to give in to temptation to squeeze...I really try to leave them but they get really big and painful. I use all sorts from tea tree to freederm and nothing seems to work Can anyone recommend trying anything?