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  1. i got that sometimes too so i clean the sunglasses often with alcohol swabs
  2. i dont use moisturizer because i feel as if i don't need it. i just rub dead skin away from time to time and my skin feels fine. i only use sunscreen if i need ot stay at school awhile or out hiking/mountain biking. also, moisturizer gives a shiny/greasy feeling and i just like how my face feels normally w/ or w/o bp on.
  3. hi everyone, I dont use any moisturizers and i apply a generous amount of bp 2 times a day (too much at night in my opinion). i dont know what it is...probably adaptation but, i only get minor flaking and while in the shower or in the morning i rub the parts on my face that usually flake up. u feel the dead skin rubbing off (then rinse ur face again). works for me. does anyone else do this?
  4. comedogenic! thats the word. i dunno i go mountain biking so i need something waterproof. i actually think its fine. what if it was comedogenic? what are the disadvantages of comedogenic sunscreen?
  5. Hello, Is it alright to use coppertone sport spf 50 sunscreen after applying benzoyl peroxide? its ultra sweatproof and everything....it says it is oil free, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and PABA free. doesnt specifically say that it is non-cosmogenic tho. thanks for ur help
  6. Hey Dan, There isnt a thanks forum anywhere so I decided to stick my topic here; I apologize to the forum moderators if this isnt where it belongs. I was a skeptic of this regimen, but i stuck through it for one month. When i first started off my skin was so dry - i dunno how and why but it adapted so its not dry anymore w/ or w/o moisturizer (only used oil free moisturizer from neutrogena). i'm nearly clear and i just felt the need to acknowledge your regimen and custom-formulated clear sk