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  1. it makes me sad that you feel that way. i understand that some artists at mac can be overwhelming/rude/insensitive etc., but really their job is to help you look as good as possible! you would be AMAZED at what some folks look like under their make up. i work for benefit, and customers are always saying how amazing/fresh/clear/dewy/bright my complexion is! little do they know how scarred/discolored/bumpy/oily/blemished my skin actually is. if you can find a beauty artist who suffers from acne to
  2. so i just had a baby three weeks ago, and i hadn't bought any make up since before i had her. i was going through withdrawal but fortunately i got to order my gratis from work (i work for benefit), so now i feel a little better. as you can tell it's all face stuff, i don't really use our color, for color i pretty much stick to mac. i got: 2 of you're bluffing (essential, i mix it into everything) 1 of bluff dust face powder 1 of it stick 2 of some kind-a gorgeous 1 of powder pop! (okay i already
  3. 187 from mac is the most versatile face brush, you can use it to do ANYTHING from moisturizing your face to foundation, from powder to blush. it's amazing.
  4. good luck! i'm SO jealous, i've always wanted to work for mac (i'm sort of an addict). their employee discount is KILLER.
  5. i just got a freelancing position with benefit, has anyone worked for them before? i'm a tiny bit of a mac snob, and i swapped most of my benefit away when i got into mac, but i'm pretty familiar with their products. i'm just wondering if anyone has any tips, or advice, it's my first experience doing make up at a counter. <3 vanessa. p.s. i haven't been around for ages, how's everyone doing?
  6. i think unlike the death of a pet, this separation anxiety will be remedied by replacing it with a hotter, better brush! i suggest a mac 187. <3.
  7. if the cargo isn't making you break out i'd keep using it. oil doesn't always mean bad for acne-prone skin. (for more info read this article http://www.cosmeticscop.com/learn/art.asp?ID=153) i use that bronzer and it's never caused me any problems, but that of course can vary from person to person. i also love laguna by nars.
  8. i wash mine like once very one or two weeks, but between washes i wipe it gently on a face wipe to prevent build up.
  9. THREE THINGS I WANT TO GET OFF MY CHEST. 1) the only circumstances in which you can make a valid claim that any one particular product makes you break out, is if you have consistently followed a skincare/makeup regimen for over a month, without inconsistancies, and with no more than ONE product deviation from you standard routine. 2) we're all here because we are prone to getting acne! just because we break out, and we use a certain product, doesn't mean it is what is responsible for us breakin
  10. i love this foundation! it's never caused me to break out, and the finish is amazing. make sure you use a brush, and set it with a sheer powder. but really, just truely an amazing foundation.
  11. i really LOVE biolage. it makes my hair really soft, and it smells amazing! but i use the ultra hydrating kind. i've yet to use the bodifying one. i also use a ton of their styling products. biolage definitely makes the best gel i've ever used. so hopefully their cream gel will be good too.