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  1. Hey Amber, long time no chat. If you get this check out my site http://mtprovideo.com and throw me an e-mail I'd love to catchup :) Hope life is treating you well :) Cheers!

  2. Hey, tried to PM you but your inbox is full. If you ever see this throw me an email at mattmyster23(at)gmail.com or visit my site http://mtprovideo.com and contact me via that. Its been 6 years since our logs, You were an amazing help and after remembering about this site tonight I'd love to catch up :) Hope life is treating you well, live what you dream!

  3. *cough* RIP OFF *sneeze* My @$$ you can translate into french, and if Joel wanted to, he would be able to find a professional that would do it for free, and/or many volunteers to do it for free.
  4. I can probably translate 95% of text into french, but I'm no professional. If you need a volunteer let me know.
  5. Yeah, I'm serious. I've had workup done on my liver a couple times since then, the liver specialist at the hospital here says it's healthy. The third time was low dose/longer course. Scariest thing that happened to me was when the cartilage in my knees gave me hassles, & my derm at that time yelled at me for working out. (first course) Other than that, I didn't experience any other side effects besides the usual peeling skin, & dryness. I'm not the only person in here who has had thre
  6. hey y'all, thanks for replies. Ok here we go. I still have BP from early January/February of 2006, it expires this year sometime but it might be that the smell is because its old. I fear trying the new bp though because of the new preservatives I keep hearing about. I also don't use fragrances washes/cleansers or anything. It is definatly the BP I am smelling. I mean, I don't smell it when its on my forehead obviously, but when I put it around problem area's such as chin/jaw/mouth I can sme
  7. I used the CSR for about 1-2 months last year before I went on accutane, it was around this time that I was using the Clear skin regimen with Dan's bp. So I am getting a small reaccurance of acne. Anyway I said I may as well try the CSR again, I have some BP left over from early 2006. So I used that, anyway I just forgot how bad it feels having the BP + moisturizer on your face. I am not allergic to BP and it doesn't really burn at all. So I'm wondering how can you stand having that stuff on
  8. So...apparently acne's back again for another round, that god damned son of a bitch! 5 Months has gone by, or around there...was going good. At the start of this month I notice my face isn't as clear as it used to be or clear as I wanted it. Month goes by, yay now I start getting small little pustule/pimple things on my forehead and chin/mouth area. I'm still like 85% clear, but it's decreasing weekly now by a small amount. I mean, fuck...you'd think accutane would STOP acne completely....gues
  9. thanks for the support.... Yeah, it probably will be too mild for a second course, and I wouldn't go on a second course of tane' if I had the chance...it messes up your system to much and plays tricks with your head I was on 40mg/day dose for 5 months and that was hell....If I had to go on 60mg/day or 80mg/day it would probably kill my lips, my liver and my eyes not too mention all the other side effects would be doubled! I might be able to combat it this time by making some diet changes, ex
  10. Yeah, dermo will prolly just put me on some medicated stuff...this time it should work better though since the accutane prolly made my acne less immune to it.