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  1. Hey ladies thanks for the support I just had my two month check up and things are looking good. That breakout pretty much lasted the entire second month. I'm not gonna lie it was BAD. And I made it worse by using topicals (stupid I know). Anyway my doc had initially prescribed me 60 for month 2 but had enough for 80 (an insurance thing). So when I started breaking out bad at 60 I just said to hell with it and continued on 80. So that's prob the cause of why my breakout was so bad. But so far it'
  2. Hi ladies wanted to join in on the party. I'm on amnesteem got bumped from 40mgs to 80 and I'm on day 48 I believe. And let me tell you I am dealing with a pretty bad breakout since doubling my dose. The first month my skin got oilier the first 2 weeks got a little more small breakouts then was clearing up nicely. When my dose was raised same thing happened my skin and scalp got oiler then flaking. My skin and hair are completely dry...but this breakout is terrible. Since doubling my dose I've g
  3. Hey hun. I struggle with pcos best way to find out it to get blood work done. Look online for symptoms if they resonate with you then it's possible you may be stuggling with it. As for discoloration you need to get a handle on active acne first otherwise you'll continue to have hyperpigmentation. Speak to a gyn/gp for hormonal options. Good luck.
  4. Hey thanks so much for your response! I gave it another month and honestly it's been awful. Relentless pimples still skin oily as ever. Towards the end of this pack got a huge cyst right in the center of my cheek. Plus tmi but a yeast infection also not attractive. I'm giving it up I've seen no improvement on my face. I just started yasmin 5 days ago so hopefully that will be more effective. The accutane has been postponed because my insurance denied me coverage. So I'm working my best to fight
  5. I totally feel you on the migraine front I too suffer from them off of hormonal birth control. They are terrible I can't believe your having them on such a regular basis. As for ortho I'm done with that it has done NOTHING for me in 4+ months. Still getting cysts still oily as ever. I just started yasmin 5 days ago so fingers crossed. I also was supposed to start accutane and my insurance denied me coverage. It's so depressing here I am with cysts and scars all over my face and they don't deam
  6. Carpe!!! So glad to see your back. Not glad you are experiencing problematic skin tho. I just needed to comment to keep faith and to stay strong. You've made it through before and you can do it again. I totally can relate on the pcos struggle. Ive been dealing with bad skin for 3+ years now all due to pcos. I have the hair troubles aswell which is so depressing. But we gotta keep fighting. Currently I've been on ortho cyclen for almost 5mnths with little improvement on my face which sucks. Anywa
  7. I've used it tazorac gel both percentages for 3 years. And I'm still not clear so I hear you. My acne is hormonal/oily skin based so I wasn't really expecting complete clearance. What I will say tho it helps fade pigmentation and heals pimples much faster. Give it some time and if not look deeper into the root of the problem.
  8. Well I'm done with this crap. Another cyst is coming through. I just don't get how everything can go so badly on the third package. Things were clearing month 1 & 2 and now this pack my face has gotten worse and oilier. I'm gonna go back to my gyn and try out yasmin or w.e else on Monday. I have to be on the pill for pcos and also starting Accutane in 2 weeks. Wish me luck yall I can tell you how down I am about this :(
  9. Well for anyone who's reading...it's getting worse. More more and congested. My chest acne is back. I just don't understand how in my third month things have gotten worse. I got a weird cyst like thing on my cheek too. Is this normal? Any suggestions on what I should switch to? Should I stay on it?
  10. Kirks I'm praying for you I hope you find your answers soon. Wishing clear skin to you love!
  11. Hi all, I need either support or words of encouragement because seriously idk anymore. I'm nearing the end of the 3rd pack with ortho cyclen and idk if it's helping or hindering at this point. I had no initial break out (thank the lord) and my face was getting better. My body acne cleared up. Now ending my 3rd pack and some of my acne has returned and my face is becoming more and more congested. Granted I haven't been experiencing cystic acne since starting (plus!). Also the new pimples I
  12. Just wanted to update for everyone. I'm still waiting to start accutane. I'm concerned though about this birthcontrol and maybe it's not working for me. On the plus side I am not getting cysts anymore YAY! My skin is just slightly less oily but not by a whole lot. I notice my makeup last longer which is nice. But for some reason this month my chest is breaking out again..after being clear for 2 months. My skin on my face feels more congested than ever. I'm still breaking out but thankfully still
  13. So I have been doing a poor job updating this and I'm sorry to anyone whos reading. I've actually been on Ortho Cyclen for a little while. I'm about a week into my third pack. I haven't really experienced the freak initial break out I experienced last time. I was so afraid to say that but I am thankful. In the last month I have gotten one cyst which is fine. I started with one on each cheekbone. Now as far as my skin on my face I'm still oily as ever and still breaking out not too badly t
  14. Hi Krissy. I feel you with the never ending acne...ugh! Hormonal intervention is such a draining no thing as it can take months and things may or may not work. Keep positive! It's worth giving the bc a try because accutane will not stop your acne if it's truly hormonal. Thanks so much for your advice and response. My acne is totally hormonal I just hate the worse before better stage. Last time I took ortho I got so discouraged even though my chest magically cleared. And initially my face w
  15. Well this us more for myself than for anyone else I guess. Status of skin: Extremely oily, red, plenty of clogs waiting to turn active. I have a HUGE cyst right under my eye that just came to a head tonight so I had to pop it. I am not kidding I've had this for over a month and this is the second time it's inflamed. Oddly my cysts never come to head this one did. Now it's so inflamed and feels huge under my skin in such an obvious place. Ugh. My chest is okay no clogs. My back is messy clogge