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  1. how do i get rid of acne scars on my cheeks
  2. ive heard great things about that....i gotta give it a try
  3. im growing out my hair but i need to shape it up and i really am in love with hilary's side swept bangs. do you guys think they are cute and still hot????? http://www.hilaryduffguide.com/images/links.jpg i miss her being blonde
  4. i may have to try maxfactor..and thanks for the tip on makeuptalk no prob glad i could help i really do like maxfactor and it cheapish but im not sure 100% it wont irritate you youll just have to try!! also i really love makeuptalk.com you can ask them anything and they are like experts you can show a pic of makeup you like and they can give you products that will match, its awesome forum so check it out it will help alot!!!
  5. all loreal mascaras irritate my eyes, but i really love maxfactor 2000 calorie for super volume and maxfactor lash perfection for defining and length. those 2 i cant live without!! also i like some rimmel mascaras you can try makeuptalk.com you'll find great reviews and awesome forums
  6. vera wang princess, ralph lauren hot, calvin klein eurphria (sp?), b&b works spray are all my favs
  7. ive got loads of makeup crap and i get almost all my stuff from the drugstore! First i would go to ulta if you have one or walmart. these are a few things i like PF mineral makeup up PF mineral blush bonnebell blend and glow milani e/s all of them are awesome loreal hip e/s max factor lash perfection and 2000 calorie (the freakin best mascaras) eye lash curler rimmel eyeliners and lipsticks revlon limited edition stuff a good brush set or at least e/s brush and powder prush and of course a good
  8. i wouldnt use liquid foundation because all of it clogs your pores no matter what they say, use a powder foundation. im using PF mineral loose powder and i love it, great coverage and it feels like it not clogging and causing acne! also you can check out makeuptalk.com it is another awesome forum for all makeup and more!
  9. i use the loreal decrease and it keeps my e/s on
  10. i have a dance tomorrow and i want my skin to look good. i have a couple of new pimples on my face and was wondering is there anything i can do today to get rid of them by tomorrow night or at least make them much less noticable?????? please help me!
  11. i have red marks on the sides on my face and they like never go away. they are flat and smooth so i think that are scars. does anyone know how to freakin get rid of them???? they are not going away and look awful, is there anything good to make them fade of go away????
  12. makeuptalk.com is awesome they have reviews on alot of produts and the forums are great, they have one just for makeup and you can ask about anything and they will reply in like a second. check it out!
  13. any i can get at the drugstore that has lots of volume and curl
  14. is the Physicans Formula mineral powder like a foundation, will it cover up blemished with just the powder or do you have to put concealer on. Also can you wear like dream matte mouse blush on top of it?