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  1. Hi, I'm oversensitive and / or allergic to most fruits, vegetables and berries and taking supplements always made my skin too dry, which eventually lead to rashes and more acne, so I've struggled with vitamin intake a lot over the recent years. But, for the past 6 months I've been drinking some oat milk with added vitamin-D, -B and Calcium, as well as Oat-based yoghurts with added pea protein, and my body has reacted very well to both of them. In fact, I have never had my (nowadays) mild-acn
  2. i've recently started drinking a lot of OAT MILK with added calcium + vitamin D & B and it has not been just a good substitute for milk, but also made my skin better. you people should give it a try at least.
  3. there are loads of non-flavoured products on the market. i used one for about a month and it was actually good for my skin, it made it smoother and reduced the redness. i'd definitely recommend trying it out. the only reason why i stopped taking it was because i have thin hair thanks to accutane courses back in the days, and adding more protein made my hair too light and soft.
  4. that is very mild, hopefully it stays that way. could be that regular exercise and cutting off all sugars does the trick for you.
  5. I prefer oat milk with added calcium. It doesnt break me out and the taste isnt too bad. I actually like it.
  6. hot chick on acne.org the picture is kinda small *clicks on the profile* the picture gets smaller!!
  7. um.. u been sugar/dairy/gluten-free yet? or have u avoided everything ur allergic/over-sensitive to (including shit ur not really allergic to e.g., citrus fruits)? have u been running almost every single day?? and have u stopped over-exporting jizz into the cyberspace? have u paid attention to ur omega ratios and all the other things that ppl talk about here? i know its hell, but it aint really. hell is when u have to admit yourself u didnt do the best you could have done. so... all i can say is
  8. erm, i couldn't be bothered to read the big argument above, so i only know what the OP had to say. i might need a little more convincing, because to me taking a bunch of these herbs at the same time, feels sort of like randomly deleting stuff from the windows program folder. also, the vitamin D3 recommendation 5,000-15,000 IU/day seemed a bit high. any dudes in here who'd like to share their experiences with this stuff?
  9. no fap ? 179 pages ? ? ? oh my lawd wut happens when u meet the perfect chick and ur stuck with the jizz-once-a-year regimen ?