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  1. jesuislouise


    Im so rubbish at writing these now because nothing much seems to change with my skin - I have a lot to write this time though! So, since my last post i mentioned that my periods have been really painful since starting Roaccutane, having said this, my past 2 periods have been fine and *touch wood* relatively pain free.. My skin is very much up and down, some weeks it looks beautiful and completely clear, other times I have minor breakouts of tiny red spots. They don't last long though. I saw
  2. jesuislouise


    I always think it's bad luck writing these posts, because every time I seem to write one, I end up with pimples haha! After my last one I started to get a few on my nose and in-between my eyebrows and then some started to appear around my laughter lines. The weren't big ones and they didn't linger for long but still. Anyway I currently have none and my skin looks really good. I've really noticed the difference in my skin when I don't and do drink water. My water intake has been really awful the
  3. jesuislouise


    Oops its been over a month since my last post, I've been really busy with work though and just haven't got round to doing this. Since my last post Ive been to see the dermatologist again, he agreed that I wasn't clearing as quickly as before and said that I may need to extend my course by a couple of months, especially as I don't seem to be having too many is effects. He said he wants me to have 1 month spot free before I finish the course! Anyway, that was about 2 weeks ago, since then m
  4. jesuislouise


    Im still suffering from a minor breakout. I just have a few pimples dotted around my face, the skin coloured ones that don't really come to much. I think its definitely down to the fact that my dose has double so maybe its just bringing stuff to the surface quicker than 20mg would have. My overall skin texture is good, I have PIH on my right cheek which annoys me because my left side looks completely clear but i know that will fade in time. I feel a little bit gutted at how long my skin is tak
  5. jesuislouise


    I've been taking 40mg a day for the past 10 days and so far so good, I am suffering a tiny breakout at the minute on my right cheek but its only small, I just know I will have PIH to deal with after...! UGH. I did have a rash come up all over my face which seems to have gone away, I don't know if this was my skins reaction to taking more accutane but it's gone now so I'm not bothered. My hands have come up in a rash again but I know that will go in a few days. The only other thing I have expe
  6. jesuislouise


    I've just re read my blog '26' and i spoke about my PD in that, in-between blog 26 and 27 my PD flared up and went down. The ACV and zinc soap did manage it to a certain extent, but the skin where it had been was not healing and stayed dry/shiny. It's only since I've cut out all SLS that my skin has completely gone back to normal, this is the first time it's looked normal in about 7 months!
  7. jesuislouise


    It's been nearly 2 weeks since my last post and at LONG LAST my perioral dermatitis has GONE! I have known all along that SLS is major trigger for PD and while I changed my face wash, tooth paste and moisturiser to SLS free brands I never even thought to change my shampoo and body wash!!! I had been using apple cider vinegar with ok results and although it cleared the bumps I was still dealing with the redness and dry patches where the bumps had been. I don't even know why I bought SLS free sham
  8. jesuislouise


    Quite a lot has happened since my last post. I've since come to the conclusion that the rash around my mouth is intact Perioral Dermatitis, I don't need a confirmation from a doctor, it's pretty obvious. Since discovering this I've been able to make the changes to prevent further outbreaks, like cutting out all SLS (I now use an SLS free tooth paste and face wash). I managed to clear the stubborn PD with Nobles Zinc soap and apple cider vinegar which did the job in literally 2 days. I used my Ce
  9. jesuislouise


    I actually wrote this blog on my phone on the 8th February but just totally forgot to post. My skin isn't changing too much at the minute. I was going to write a post on the weekend to say the rash around my mouth has cleared but it's come back up again, I think a lot of it has to do with lack of moisturise and so my skin gets irritated and a bit itchy. My face is pretty much clear apart from PIH and literally in the last day I've developed a big red spot on my cheek bone, it's been brewing f
  10. jesuislouise


    I think tomorrow marks the 2 month mark for me! My skin hasn't changed much from last time I wrote, the spot that I pot around my mouth has healed and I just have pigmentation now. The one under my eye didn't really amount to anything but I still have a red mark. I was bad and popped a spot again, around my mouth, which was sitting there for ages. I picked at it and this massive seed came out - i know people will relate to how SATISFYING THAT IS!!! So that is a bit red but I've plastered Aquapho
  11. jesuislouise


    So since my last blog not much has changed. Another spot has developed, again around my mouth and again, really bloody painful. I actually did exactly what I said I wouldn't do and popped it, I managed to not damage the skin and oh my god the relief, no more pain. So thats healing nicely, my lovely niece scratched me and so have a red mark on my chin from that. The only other spot I have is one right under my eye but its literally a red mark. The rash I spoke about around my mouth has cleared.
  12. jesuislouise

    22 continued

    I've just looked back at old blog posts and I've just realised that it was at week 8 that my skin looked amazing and not 6. Apparently it was at week 6 that I developed a rash around my mouth when Iw as last on accutane, how funny that the same is happening again this time around! Hopefully in 2 weeks everything will be perfectly clear!
  13. jesuislouise


    I've been on roaccutane 6 weeks today! I remember the 6 week mark last time things were looking pretty perfect! This time around it feels like things have slowed down, I'm not sure if it's because I'm no longer taking the accutane that I bought online as well as the accutane prescribed my derm and so only on 20mg a day as opposed to 40mg. Saying that, my skin is looking really good at the moment and in no way looks terrible, I even had a client ask me what I do for my skin because it looked so c
  14. jesuislouise


    Not much has changed since my last post! The two spots that I had in my last post are going, one is just a red mark and the other is still a hard lump but its definitely going down and it isn't painful now which is nice. My skin texture isn't as rough as it has been and the rash I was talking about before seems to be going. I think it was possibly a result of using a cleanser that contained Salicylic Acid (the La Rosche Posay Effacer foaming face wash), I've since swapped to the Hada Labo hyalur
  15. jesuislouise


    Sorry I haven't posted in so long! The lead up to Christmas got the best of me and I was flat out at work! My skin has been really good, the red marks from the HFM have completely faded now and my skin tone is looking really good. I have a really slight rash all over my cheeks but you don't notice unless you really feel my skin. I'm not worried about the rash because I remember getting something similar with the last course. In the past couple of days I have had two pimples come up but being on