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  1. My acne returned a month after stopping the pills. I went on another course in 2017 but once again, the acne came back a month later. My body acne was cured after the first round of tane but it started coming back around April of this year. I tried changing my diet, paying big money on food intolerance tests and trying different vitamins but none of those helped. I cut dairy, sugar, caffeine, gluten, meat, eggs and soy but saw no difference. I then moved on from that and tried vitamin D, Vita
  2. If dairy is a part of the recipe than I don't see why it wouldn't cause you harm if you're sensitive to it since the donut was made with dairy and it doesn't magically disappear within the donut, or does it? Unless you're trying to figure out just how much dairy it takes to upset your skin? bad diet? what have you changed in the last week for the redness to reappear all of a sudden after a week of clear skin?
  3. yeah well I think I made a mistake with throwing out the wrong food, it's not wheat it was actually dairy for me. So I'm going dairy free for the next week to see how it goes. So you've never tried Accutane before?
  4. have you tried a gluten free diet? I found that after going gluten free my breakouts started to stop.
  5. good luck with the Accutane, I broke out horribly at day 7-8 I believe.
  6. I took the first two photos this morning and the other two yesterday as you can see, big difference in my skin and you can also see the mark I got in March from a pimple (the one under my mole). I do have some scars on my temple areas and a few on my cheeks but other than that my skin has been behaving really well. Congrats on finishing your course man, great to hear you are clear! Thank you!
  7. I stopped taking the pills last week. My face is really good, no breakouts since forever so I'm just hoping that it stays that way because I have no more pills left. Will get some photos uploaded soon!
  8. Nice progress! big difference with the pigmentation after only 4 months.
  9. Lol just me being silly. :) thanks It really did. I knew the antibiotics they gave me in the beginning weren't going to work, but I'm very happy with Accutane. To be honest I should have taken Accutane months before but you never really know how bad your skin looks unless you see it on someone else in person.
  10. Doctor decided to keep me on for another 2 months. My dose is still 30mg and my skin has been doing okay, a few breakouts here and there but nothing serious, only one breakout that left a red mark on my cheek I'm annoyed about. :/ but great progress so far.
  11. Thank you! I have definitely come a long way with this.
  12. Wow he's skin has definitely changed. Good luck with the treatment. :(
  13. DAY 129 No breakouts today. skin has been doing really well lately!
  14. DAY 124 No breakouts since my last update, skin has been doing great and I couldn't be any happier with the results. My hyper-pigmentation has decreased dramatically compared to old photos I took a year ago and the redness in my face is no longer. I had such a terrible red face ever since I developed acne and I am happy that my face looks so calm now after years of being red face.