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  1. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me out. My skin has been doing much better BUT I recently layered up my winter clothing too much and then started sweating so I developed about 3 or 4 pimples on my back. I'm going wedding dress shopping soon and I really want these gone. Can you give me any advice to clear them? Thank you!!
  2. I recently wore L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation on stage. It DOES contain SPF, but after the show someone I just met said "your complexion looked flawless on stage." So it must not have looked that weird, haha! I also play a younger character (teenager). Break a leg!
  3. Yeah, I'm still taking Claritin and it's working amazingly. I rarely even come on here anymore. I can't say that it is only the Claritin, but i give it lots of credit. I am also using Aqua Glycolic toner as far acne products. I'm not a dr., so I don't want to recommend that everyone starts taking OTC medicine. But, let me know if it works for anyone else! Thanks!!
  4. Does anyone know an over-the-counter dupe for AcZone? It would be much appreciated!! I've been having some luck with AcZone prescribed by my derm. I had to stop seeing him though because I moved and also couldn't afford it because he required me to come back every 2 weeks. Any advice would be great! Thank you!
  5. I got so tired of wearing foundation every single day to cover my acne/red marks. So I stopped wearing it. After ditching foundation, I also decided to quit mascara, lipgloss, all other makeup on a daily basis. I wasn't wearing any makeup, and my boyfriend leaned over to me in church and said 'your cheeks have a really pretty pink glow today!' I was shocked! I was constantly wearing foundation to cover the "redness" in my cheeks that I hated. I would "even out my skin tone" by covering m
  6. Hey, not sure if anyone is still on here, but I had to search the site for others experiencing this. I started taking Claritin for allergies and also noticed improvements in my acne. I had bad allergies as a kid, but I stopped taking medicine when they improved. Recently I realized that all my itching and congestion was probably still from allergies. When I started taking Claritin 24 hr things started looking up. My itching wasn't totally gone while on Claritin, so I tried a generic of
  7. In the US the dermatologists always seem to be busy or booked for months. Before my 1st derm appointment I made a spread sheet of every treatment I've tried and how long I used it, plus my current routine. The dr. probably thought I was nuts when I gave him the sheet at my 1st appt. I think writing it out helped him because he spent less than 5 minutes with me and had no knowledge of my prior medical history. With the spreadsheet, at least he got an idea of what I tried before without having
  8. Ok I will try to take a photo when I take my makeup off tonight or tomorrow morning. Like others have said, the bumps are kind of hard to see and are visible in certain lighting. They are still bothersome because they give my skin a rough texture and I can tell it's congested.
  9. Thanks so much for responding! This is driving me nuts. They don't really form a head. The bumps are mainly just small, flesh colored, and they are everywhere!! Toner helps, but nothing eliminates them. My skin is already really dry, so I don't get how I have acne when I have basically no oil. Do you have any advice on how to make my skin less congested? I don't use a lot of products (only ones prescribed by my derm) and I don't wear much makeup. I have good diet and exercise for the most p
  10. I think I have the same thing. It started on my forehead, and then kind of spread to the rest of my face. I haven't been able to clear it with acne products, but using a glycolic acid toner did help some. At times I think it is actually folliculitis, but I'm not sure because my derm thinks it's just acne. It is not red and it's like a single clogged pore in EVERY pore. It sucks. Please let me know if you get any advice on this. Do you have really dry skin? I read that could be a sign on foll
  11. Hi! I have something similar, but not exactly the same. Sometimes I think it's folliculitis because it doesn't respond to acne meds and covers large area on my body. Anyway, this has been affecting me emotionally a lot recently. I can relate to how it makes you feel. Even though we have so many great things in life, it's easy to forget them when you start thinking about your skin. My tactic is to keep busy and try to focus on other good things. Please keep your head up! Everyone is here
  12. It's funny you bring up glycolic acid--I just got into that stuff!! I use a great product recommended by the derm called Aqua Glycolic Toner. The important thing is that you wash it off. My derm told me not to leave it on my skin because it can irritate and I am having a lot of success with it.
  13. Wow--kudos to you for everything you do for your kids! Maybe you can look at it is a blessing that you will be so busy you'll just forget all about your skin!
  14. At first, my skin was definitely dry. Then after about 5 days I started getting used to it and now my skin feels the same as when I was moisturizing. I can only say from my own experience. My skin is not clear now, but it is better than before. I can't isolate what is making it better, so I'm just going to stick with this routine for now. I would advise people to stop moisturizing for like a week to see if you like it. If you don't like it you can always go back, so it's worth a try. A
  15. I always thought moisturizer was important, but the derm told me otherwise. He said that the moisturizer was not allowing my skin to dry out properly and therefore making a better environment for the acne bacteria. I think my skin is getting used to not moisturizing now. I wanted to follow his routine exactly so he can figure out what works for me and what doesn't. It's only been 2 week since I'm doing this, so I think it's too early to tell if it will be a permanent solution. I am slowly seein