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  1. @beautifulambition how is bellafill safer than silikon 1000?
  2. In his videos, Dr David Lim claims that Juvaderm Volbella can last up to 2 years. What are your thoughts on this claim? Are there any doctors experienced with treating acne scars with derma fillers (specifically Juvaderm Volbella ) in NYC area (besides Dr. Novick i cannot afford his prices rn) ? Btw, @beautifulambition i checked the doctors on your list, I'm not sure which one to go
  3. @beautifulambition thanks! what is the longest lasting HA filler that would work on shallow boxcar/rolling scars ?
  4. has anyone tried restyle before? how long does it last?
  5. Has anybody seen Dr Jay Barnett in NYC for silicone injections? I think that silicone fillers would really help me in the short run but I am worried about the possible side effects in the long run, after all its permanent. Can anybody recommend a safer but still long lasting non-permanent filler for acne scars, and possibly a doctor ?
  6. @QuanHenry he replied my email and said that I should wait 4-6 weeks to see an improvement. Have you seen an improvement after your bruising and swelling was gone. @Sirius Lee some of them have a weird white (and hard) stuff (probably scar tissue) inside them. Dr. Novick said that they wouldn't respond to subsicion.
  7. @beautifulambition I will try to upload better quality pictures but let me try to answer your question. The scars inside the red circle are shallow boxcar scars. The scars inside the blue circles are shallow icepick scars. He also confirmed that. Since the the scars inside the red circle bother me the most, i asked him whether subsicion would work. He said they looked weird and didn't have defined scar borders to be subsicied. Instead he did a small TCA cross test for one of those scars. That
  8. @beautifulambition i think he is planning to do a generalized subcision. he didn't mention any fillers. after the generalized subcision he might do regular subsicion under each individual scar if there remains any indentation.
  9. He said "The fact that your scars are greatly diminished when you stretch your skin does not mean that they are untethered. It suggests that there was (as is usually the case) considerable subclinical (microscopic) acne inflammation throughout the entire cheek regions (and not just under the individual spots that are apparent on the skin surface). It also suggests that you might profit greatly from what has been dubbed a "field subcision" to address the generalized atrophy within the cheeks (whi
  10. Guys should I accept Dr's recommendation of getting a field subsicion or should I push for regular subsicion (doing subsicion individually under pitted scars)?
  11. Hi guys, I will be starting my acne scar treatment journey next week with Dr. Novick . I sent him an email with the pictures of my scars and I told him that my acne scars might be untethered since they completely disappear when I pull my skin slightly. He suggested me to get a field subsicion to address the generalized atrophy within my cheeks. I am really excited to finally start my journey of scar treatments and I heard great things about Dr. Novick. Is there anything that I should be doing
  12. Hi guys, So I consulted a dermatologist regarding my acne scars and she recommended 3 sessions of Scarlet RF. When I told her I only heard about Infini RF, she told me that they are basically the same thing made by different brands. So my question is, is Scarlet RF as effective as Infini RF for pitted acne scars? She also told me that the treatments will be done by a beauty aesthetician, not by her. I am also worried about that. Does this machine require good technical skills to yield good re
  13. Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you guys what works to temporarily plump up my acne scars. I first wash my face with cold water , then I put on a cold pack on my face for a couple of seconds just to make sure that my face is nice and cold. Then i massage my hyaluronic acid serum really firmly on my face (each cheek takes about 2 minutes). All my scars completely fill up after this. The effect usually lasts 24 hours. I really don't know why my face needs to be cold before applying the hya
  14. thanks tretionin! but i feel like pictures don't really depict them accurately.i feel like they are much worse in real life if you know what I mean.