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  1. hi i have an indent underneath my eyelashes caused by microdermabration and its really noticeable in the light, anyone got any suggestions on how i can flatten it?
  2. yep!!! its so fucking hyped up and i was the one who suffered!
  3. microdermabration is like sand blasting the skin and i think its very easy to scar the skin with this treatment, from my experience i think chemical peels are much safer. This treatment is far from safe.
  4. microdermabration gave me scars, i wouldnt get it done.
  5. i was scarred from these treatments so i would think twice! chemical peels are more effective and safer!!
  6. i had a course of microdermabration treatments and it has a devistating effect on my life. i was left permanently scarred from it and i would not recommend this to anyone. think twice about considering microdermabration!
  7. help i need a cure for facial scars that was caused by microdermabration, they are like scartches/lines but seem to be underneath the skin
  8. i had microdermabration 4 years ago which had resulted in scarring, it has left me traumatized and i would never recommend this to anyone!
  9. im new to this site but i read about you considering getting microdermabration which i noticed was last year. how did you get on? im concerned because i had microdermabration 4 years ago and i was left with pernament scarring after these treatments. i wouldnt recommend it to anyone, I went to a popular beautician and had no worries about paying for a full course of treatments. It was the biggest mistake of my life!!!