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  1. So, I decided to start a new regiment since acne decided first to ruin my life. I'm struglling with it for a long while now (since late 2010) with ups and downs, periods of bad skin and periods of totally clear skin. I've tried A LOT of things. Many worked but would stop working after a while. Antibiotics (doxy - sadly I became immune to it-, mino - even more sadly I became allergic to it-), lotions, creams, supplements, diet. I did not take the Accutane road tho (even if I did in the past and i
  2. I have been using indoxyl on and off since Nocember 2012 , so Im used to it. The days of irritation are gone. It worked really well but I stopped the last month since I was worried about it making my skin age and for the fact that it makes my red marks to stay there like... for an eternity. I tried to find BP without any other ingredient but so far, no luck. Farmacies in here claim that its not possible to find it in my country.
  3. Mandelic acid? Thats really something I heard of first time. I am going to look for details about it. As for the diet, Im starting today. Completely gonna give up on sugar, dairy and gluten. I wonder whats gonna be left to eat though!!! For certainly I know milk is my enemy. Every time I get dairy cysts appear. Its a horrible thing, since acne makes me skip things from my daily life I love, like going to the gym. There is NO WAY of going there without make up at this period of time b
  4. So, Im interested in starting the regimen but the issue is that in my country is not easy to find bp without some other ingredient in the tub. No pure bp. No 2.5% either. I used indoxyl though which is a gel containing 5% bp and 2.5% clindamicyn. Do you think that will do?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm a 32 years old female who -guess what!- still suffers of acne! As a matter of fact at the moment I'm typing these words my face is such a mess I don't even dare to look myself to the mirror. I wish I could stay home till it's gone but sadly I have to go out.. into the light! Today is the day I broke in tears (some of the many tears I have spent for acne during the years) even though I was trying so hard to stay strong and positive. So, the story in a few words... As