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  1. Hi try to add in Anti inflammatory foods especially these 3: GINGER,TURMERIC AND *CBD OIL* (hemp oil) these helped me get rid of my acne Haven't broken out in like two years! I also didn't eat ANY animal foods with antibiotics/steroids - just 100% grass fed meats, it has lots of zinc! look it up!
  2. yes I just made a new video about it and I'll make another one soon! I couldn't say everything just in one video it would be toooo long.
  3. Aw thank you, you're so sweet! yes def. still there but I am getting through it little by little! I will make a video this week on my scar treatments and then next week I'll do one on DIET (I think this is so important) and skin care/make up
  4. Hey everyone! I made a video to update on my scar success I had SEVERE acne and left with really bad scars. I never thought I'd be making a video on it saying they have improved and even though it is kinda embarrassing for me to show my before and after pictures, I think its worth it to help and give others hope on improving their scars!!! Subscribe if you want to see new videos bc I do want to keep updating on my scars! xoxo, Mariah Sorry my before picture is blurry AF
  5. Hey guys so I made a double thread on this by accident...Here is the link, I will be using the other one instead so I won't have two! I posted the new videos and I'll post any future ones here as well: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/362054-my-video-on-my-scar-improvement-pictures/#comment-3539740 I posted three new videos and will post new one next week! hope you guys are having a great day xoxox
  6. new video up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJHkZqMLFlQ
  7. I can't explain everything here by typing but I'll list the most important things: What I did: 1. Get rid of chronic inflammation (this caused my cystic acne) 2. Reduce parasites and pathogens in body 3. Detox heavy metals How? 1. Distilled water - Distilled water (goes through the same process as rain water does - evaporating and condensing) This means distilled water does not have any heavy metals, pathogens or chemicals in it bc when it is turned into vapor these t
  8. new videos up part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs0XYFVFC3M part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uqt9xTtBZOo
  9. I know my scars aren't gone completely (I still have lots of work to do!) and most people might not believe that they got better by eating healthy but I'm not trying to convince anyone, I just want to share what I've experienced... some people might not like it but that's okay. I waited all day to make that video especially because I know skin is better in the morning and really bad after a full day of work. This is after work at 5:30pm & all pictures are also taken late. I didn't use any ma
  10. yes! I'm doing a new video soon... I'm traveling but will be back home soon. I'll make it then! thank you, means a lot !!!
  11. yes i know it's all over the place, I'll try to stay on track on future videos! thank you! ...This experience has been kinda everywhere though I didn't do a "treatment" as in laser, peels or fillers... I'll try and make the next video ASAP. I've been busy but I'll make time to explain very soon!
  12. I made this video on youtube so I can give hope to anyone who is suffering with scars. I'll try and make more videos to show what I did to my skin soon!
  13. Hello everyone! I've had some scar improvement so I wanted to post my pictures and also post a video I made this video on youtube so I can give hope to anyone who is suffering with scars. I'll try and post back here but mostly I will just be doing more videos on youtube to continue sharing my progress and get rid of my scars completely. that's my goal. I also want to say that my scars were REALLY bad - the "before" picture on this doesn't even compare to how it was at the beginning when I was t
  14. yeah but i think of it as temporary... i want to heal this for good. the only way that can be is if i heal my gut. it might not be a gut problem for everyone with acne but for me it was. i need to do this healing and commit. my whole life i ate badly till now. they weren't normal breakouts they were really intense and i don't want to go through that again. i will give up junk food for my skin and health any day... because breakouts mean that your body is trying to tell you something. i just want