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  1. Hi try to add in Anti inflammatory foods especially these 3: GINGER,TURMERIC AND *CBD OIL* (hemp oil) these helped me get rid of my acne Haven't broken out in like two years! I also didn't eat ANY animal foods with antibiotics/steroids - just 100% grass fed meats, it has lots of zinc! look it up!
  2. yes I just made a new video about it and I'll make another one soon! I couldn't say everything just in one video it would be toooo long.
  3. Aw thank you, you're so sweet! yes def. still there but I am getting through it little by little! I will make a video this week on my scar treatments and then next week I'll do one on DIET (I think this is so important) and skin care/make up
  4. Hey everyone! I made a video to update on my scar success I had SEVERE acne and left with really bad scars. I never thought I'd be making a video on it saying they have improved and even though it is kinda embarrassing for me to show my before and after pictures, I think its worth it to help and give others hope on improving their scars!!! Subscribe if you want to see new videos bc I do want to keep updating on my scars! xoxo, Mariah Sorry my before picture is blurry AF
  5. Hi! So here is the video for the first time I did TCA, the video isn't that detailed and my skin didn't change much but just wanted to document my experience plus I haven't been posting much so I wanted to. I have done it twice and waiting for my third time. I'll make another video if I actually see a huge difference in the future and I'll try to take better pictures or videos bc I know you can hardly see in this one -__- Goodnight guys!
  6. Hi guys so an update on the TCA: I did it two times! The first time was barely noticeable, the second i put two layers instead of one and I actually saw a TINYYYY bit of improvement (scar looks more shallow), not crazy but enough to inspire me to do at least 1 more and one more layer (3 layers in total) and then see if I keep going from there. I did only ONE scar. I made a video but I am waiting to put it up after the 3rd time because there isn't really a huge difference. My skin does keep
  7. Thank you for the advice, I'm glad to hear you are seeing results! I will definitely take my time...I started last night with only one scar. I have 30% TCA from muac so depending on how it heals I will do two layers next time. What % did you start with and what % are you doing now?
  8. yes, that's exactly what I did last night! I did one scar and depending on that one I'll decide if I do the rest. I'll keep you posted. I'm documenting the "10 day" healing process and I'll post the video when I am done. (I did 30% TCA)
  9. Hey everyone! So I had some success with single needling and healthy diet in improving my scars. I ended up doing a youtube video on it and posting it here because I wanted to share my story! but... I still have scars left (ice pick, rolling, box) not as bad as before but still needs work. so I want to start doing TCA cross. I am starting tonight. I been so scared to do this but I did all the research I could and I watched many youtube videos. So does anyone want me to start recording my TCA cro
  10. Hey guys so I made a double thread on this by accident...Here is the link, I will be using the other one instead so I won't have two! I posted the new videos and I'll post any future ones here as well: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/362054-my-video-on-my-scar-improvement-pictures/#comment-3539740 I posted three new videos and will post new one next week! hope you guys are having a great day xoxox
  11. new video up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJHkZqMLFlQ
  12. I can't explain everything here by typing but I'll list the most important things: What I did: 1. Get rid of chronic inflammation (this caused my cystic acne) 2. Reduce parasites and pathogens in body 3. Detox heavy metals How? 1. Distilled water - Distilled water (goes through the same process as rain water does - evaporating and condensing) This means distilled water does not have any heavy metals, pathogens or chemicals in it bc when it is turned into vapor these t
  13. new videos up part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs0XYFVFC3M part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uqt9xTtBZOo