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  1. I actually tihnk she said 'nothing but help me' but i could be wrong
  2. duac is a topical right? I dont tihnk it can give you diarea....but what do i know
  3. a little over a year ago, i went to the derm for the first time. he put me on some topicals and the he told me to take minocycline only when i have a bad breakout. NEWSFLASH every day is a bad breakout. Well i switched dermatoleogist about a month ago and she told me i was suppose to take the minocycline everyday in order to see results. No wonder why my face never cleared up. Thakfully it is getting much better
  4. did you get headaches? did it affect your hearing? did it affect your eyesight? Im extremely worried but i want to try accutane. it sounds so dangerous though. also, did you remain clear after you stopeed taking accutane?
  5. no one really knows...I think God knows what hes doing, unfortunately in my life hes thorwn acne in the recipe-for reasons i cant see or understand. But if you believe everything happens for a reason, then i guess we should just except it? Idk. I cant be mad at God, because he has given me so much good. But I can be mad at something, just not sure what. lol if that makes ANY sense. And about the whole acne research thing. Yea I dont understand why there isnt a cure yet either. If they can clon
  6. i tihink family members dont know how important they are, and that it might be helpful to show some support. My moms good like that, she had worse acne then me, and its always telling me she doesnt even notice mine, and im pretty. My dad too, the other day i got in the car when he picked me up, and he was like random "you sure are a pretty girl" Even though i disagreed it made me feel awesome that he looked past my acne.My sister is a different story however. Which is why i tihnk every single pe
  7. i find it quite amusing that other people act like you dont know you have acne. Example:I'll get in a fight with my sister it always ends like this: ME: "why are you such a bitch all the time to me?" HER: stfu ugly girl, you have lots of pimples" ME (in my head): NO SHIT then usually we take it further and i end up calling her fat and stupid. Which i regret because i feel really mean and like a big jerk. But ugh she makes me so angry i just get pushed into saying it. ANYway past th e point.
  8. hah god point, im just a stupid teenager please excuse my retardedness lol, and im just so happy that im not making any sense. My apologies