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    I'm currently in college and I am enjoying life. I enjoy hittin the gym, spending time with family/friends, doing volunteer work, and reading. Don't really party much for a college kid (I'm 22....do I still count as a kid?) I work full time and attend school full time, but still find the time to enjoy myself.
  1. I mostly get acne on my face and shoulders. I've never had a single pimple on my neck. Does it hurt more when you pop it? For me the worst ones are near my lips and nose
  2. epson salt can be found at walmart, walgreens, CVS, K-mart, etc.... It usually is where the vitamins and stuff are at. look near where the fiber is as. as for the gunk not coming out, for me, i had that prob. I was using REALLY fine sewing needls and not pushing it in far enough. i was guessing(not a doctor here) that the hole i was making wasn't big enough. i have had cysts that seem to be harder in nature around my jaw line, those usually didn't produce much junk. Its amazing what a little neo
  3. I'm currently on it, started me out at 200mg a day, for two weeks then 100mg a day. I'm only on the second week, had a minor break out......but it seems to be helping, Cystic breakouts def down A LOT.
  4. I think its safe to say, the toughest critcis are usually on the other side of the mirror. Yea companies are making some doh off our zits, but there are so many avenues you can use to go about combating acne. A good combination of supplements, Rxs, topicals, can make a vast improvement.....but as of now there seems to be no real cure (closest is accutane of course). Try to see it as a battle and not a struggle, something that strenghtens yourself in the long run.
  5. you think it might be possible to improve your relationship with your fam? Sounds corndog i know, but i mean if at all possible, you'd increase your family bonds and maybe clear up. but thats easier said then done
  6. Not sure if this helps, but I use epson salt dissolved into water, then dab it on a peice of a cotton ball and let it sit over night. Its worked for me cause its good at drawing the crap out and then drying it up, usually having it flake off sooner that usual
  7. Hey everyone, I've been reading on this board for years but never contributed anything. I figured I'd share whats been working for me. I'm sure i may get blasted for some of the things, but this is what is working for me. Please excuse the bad grammer I'm 22yrs old and have been dealing with acne since i was 13. After age 16 i started getting nodules and nasty cysts. It was horrible. I was also involved heavily in sports in HS. My cysts would rub up against my football helment and cause a lot