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  1. If you're attracted to her - great. That is the first step for me. Everyone says looks don't matter... (if you like the way they look)
  2. I think looking bad is a poor reason to dread daytime. Some days are too beautiful to complain (like today)
  3. Unless you will undoubtedly NOT have fun, which I doubt, since someone is already into you - go. It's Prom! There won't be anymore of those... My skin was pretty bad as well, but I smiled for every picture and made sure I remembered that I still had fun.
  4. Wow. I would love this pic too if I were you - you look amazing. (It's your lips or something, I don't know - but whoo...)
  5. Seriously though, would you want someone to approach you in good spirits to discuss your skin - if they had acne too? Does this condition bind people... beyond just an internet site? I saw some guy at Gator's today and he had noticable acne, and I actually thought about talking to him about it. I didn't - I ordered another Yeungling, but the thought remained. I wonder if he would have blown me off as a prick, or if he would have appreciated it. I honestly wouldn't be turned off if someone ask
  6. I have to admit, I've noticed a lot more people with acne too since I've started "looking," but it really is neat, in a sense.
  7. I find myself looking at people alot more lately, for different reasons, and I'm noticing that there is a pretty wide range of skin quality... but what gets me the most is: I have become fascinated with people with perfect skin. Guy or Girl, not a mark or a blemish to be found! How do they do that? Do they know how lucky I think they are? Has anyone else found themselves doing this? I haven't worked up the nerve to ask anyone, but I always look and wonder... What is it like?
  8. It seems like having a topic for suicidal discussion would be benefitial, but I could only imagine what could be taken the wrong way with the way we all post so differently on here (stylistically, I mean) Text has a way of masking the tone of a discussion, unlike a real voice, which can carry inflection, feeling, tone, and volume. I believe that if someone really wants to talk, they should TALK, not type. I would be more than willing to have someone call me if they wanted to talk, all they woul
  9. I actually don't - and it pisses off anyone who hasn't accepted it... 'cause I use other words like "-ish" and "buck" It started out as a joke, but it stuck... It's neat now, because I'm recognized by it, people associate those things with me...
  10. 1) I drink till I'm having fun (which doesn't take much) 2) Try to dance it off 3) See if anyone wants to chat, since I'm not my usual introverted self 4) Head out of the club, hit up McDs 5) 10-piece Nugget, Large Fry, and a Water (It's a Ritual) 6) Get home, consume what I haven't in the car, drink two extra waters (and I might start taking two Tylenol when I hit the hay... my pharmacist says it works, that and vitamin B) I'm pretty consistent with this. Haven't had too bad a hangover in awhi
  11. Corporate

    Having Fun

    Regardless of my skin
  12. Corporate


    From the album: Having Fun

    The Butcher, The Baker and The Candlestick Maker... closed the club.
  13. Corporate

    Blue Martini

    I couldn't believe her when I saw her... and she came up to me?! Sometimes ya' feel like a nut, sometimes ya' don't
  14. I used to shave my head, and my friends would call me "Moffiitt" (a cancer center near my town) Though I mean no disrespect to anyone having to deal with this horrible experience, I used to use as an excuse for my acne... "Its a side-effect of the chemo" or something along those lines, which shut people up real quick - they were suddenly making fun of a (faux) cancer patient, not just a pimply kid
  15. From the album: Having Fun

    Believe it or not, I'm posing in this picture.
  16. From the album: Having Fun

    We had to get a picture of a guy singing karaoke in drag... And this was my girls' best attempt!
  17. I used to ask my mom which one of her kids does she like the best. Kind of seems like the same answer...
  18. I would always be upset whenever my mom said something like that (I was a hardball back then, I know) But now she doesn't say anything... which, to me, is better - because it tells me that my skin isn't worth noticing anymore...
  19. Corporate

    Grit 'n Grind

  20. From the album: Grit 'n Grind

    Most of my present breakouts (3 small whiteheads max) are synonyms with shaving/hairlines. Large raised scars on chest - these really bummed me out for the longest time Overall Impression: Al least the redness is fading
  21. From the album: Grit 'n Grind

    Upper Back Arguably Blurry Overall Impression: Better than I thought... Haven't really looked at my back lately
  22. From the album: Grit 'n Grind

    My Right I usually keep a very low cut band shave (I've heardthe term 'chin-strap) to help blend scars/hair/shadows Overall Impression: Large raised scar near ear still a concern, but I survive