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  1. its the same for me!!!! im also 17 and a senior and i am starting accutane in a couple of weeks!! I am also on Ratin A and benzaclin...and i only know too well about the dead skin goatee...lol its horrible!! especially now that the season is changing and its so cold that my skin looks even drier and redder. I hate it!!! i never used to wear makeup either but now i do in order to cover up all the redness and peeling (which really makes it only worse) :-s but hopefully accutane puts me out of mise
  2. what is hyperpigmentation??? And does it go away??? I think i have that cuz when my pimples go away they leave like a red spot which later turns kinda brownish and stays for like ever!!! eventually it gets lighter and disapears...does that sound something like hyperpigmentation????? i hope it goes away!
  3. well mino cleared me up ..( i was on it for 4 months) and i also used retin-a ...the only bad thing about it..after i stopped using it i broke out even worse then before and also my vvery very clear chest and back suddenly bacame acne prone!!! I heard this with a lot of people so i would ask my derm....But if its working for you then thats great!!!
  4. I was wondering if accutene also clears your back and chest...because after stoping minocyclin my soooo clear chest and back are starting to get spots!!!! whats up with that!! Also another thing..i heard u scar easier while on accutene???? is that true 8-[ Hope not!! thanx!!!
  5. so you are using the cleanser to keep the acne from ever coming back? And hows your skin? are u happy with the results?
  6. hey i was wondering if your acne is gone...and if so why are u prescribed a face wash??? Just to keep your results or because u still have some acne?? thanx...
  7. hey....so you have been on accutene when u were 21 and the acne came back? I'm supposed to start accutene on dec 1 and I hope i dont have to do it twice. Is it common for it not to work the first time? And also now that u broke out again...are u as bad as before? And do u think the second time will work for good? Sorry so many questions just kinda anxious to know
  8. My suggestion to those who ever thought of starting it is that try smoothbeam
  9. why must there be an initial break out!!! ](*,) ](*,) lol....i guess its worth it for 4 months and then clear skin for the rest of my life....hopefully. Im also supposed to start accutene on dec.1 and they are makin me wait that long because i have to be on birthcontrol for a month first...just in case i get pregnant and all those birth defects. And i told them not to worry about me getting pregnant..but they wont do it any other way...bc or no accutene..lol. I really really hope my skin get
  10. lol.....yea models are human too.. So i guess im gonna wait..the thing is my face if pretty cleared up now ..not really many active pimples maybe one or two...but i know if i was to stop adoxa they would probably return just like they did with minocyclin. And its not really fair in the modeling world..they told me that if i had acne it could be a big problem and could hold me back...but its not my [email protected] ](*,) ..but thanx on the replies! One quick question.....If your face is pretty clear no a
  11. ok here's some history about me.....i never had acne..maybe a zit here and there until the middle of my junior year. I was on Minocyclin and retin-a micro and it cleared me up almost totaly. But then i had to go on birthcontrol for some other reasons and i stopped minocyclin....and three weeks later my acne returned. So now i am takin these pills called adoxa and still on ratin-a but my skin is not clearin up as fast or as good as before. So my derm decided to put me on acutene...because i ask