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  1. VisiteurQ

    Moisturiser problem

    Ok, I'll try that...
  2. VisiteurQ

    Moisturiser problem

    Hello there, I've been on the regimen for almost a year now. I'm using Dan's BP and moituriser and Cetaphil cleanser. The acne isn't the problem but the redness, flakiness is and it seems related to the moisturiser. I've been using several moisturisers before (Eucerin, Cetaphil, Complex 15, Dove) and so far, I'm most satisfied with Dan's. One week ago, I had to sleep early so I skipped the moisturiser step, leaving my skin only with BP. When I woke up, I couldn't believe how great my skin fel
  3. VisiteurQ

    Good BP in Canada?

    Cool! Any good results with it? And this is 2.5% right?
  4. VisiteurQ

    Good BP in Canada?

    I live in Québec, Canada... Does anyone knows about a good BP brand that I can get over the counter? Panoxyl just doesn't do it.
  5. VisiteurQ

    I NEED HELP!!!

    And you're doing the exact same thing as you use to? I personally use the Cetaphil cleaner for sensitive skin, it works like a charm: no irritation at all.
  6. VisiteurQ

    My Face

    Holy cow that's what I call "improvement". You don't use BP anymore?
  7. VisiteurQ

    Is it true

    Dan's contribution is remarquable. I cannot thank him enough for all he have done. Hail Dan!
  8. VisiteurQ

    On the Panoxyl 2.5% case: Let's make it clear

    I may be wrong, but the Panoxyl' aquagel doesn't work with moisturizers. Why? Because the BP is already poured is somekind of "gel" to prevent irritation. Here: "Composition: Super fine benzoyl peroxide 2.5% in an aqueous gel base containing polyoxyethylene lauryl ether."
  9. VisiteurQ

    On the Panoxyl 2.5% case: Let's make it clear

    Is it the Aquagel brand? Did you use moisturizer over it?
  10. VisiteurQ

    Any other 2.5% BP?

    I live in Québec city and most pharmacy stock on Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5%. Be cautious with this product, I don't recommend it. Otherwise I really don't know. I'll probably have to order Dan's BP myself.
  11. VisiteurQ

    On the Panoxyl 2.5% case: Let's make it clear

    Are you sure about that? no 2.5%?
  12. VisiteurQ

    On the Panoxyl 2.5% case: Let's make it clear

    Hi Kel, I think the BP should be absorbed by the skin in 10-15min. As you probably observed, the Panoxyl product stick on the skin all-day. Just to made sure, do you use Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5%? I heard that the Neutrogena on-stop wasn't bad at all. Otherwise, there's the BP of Dan, available on this site, which apparently is THE bp product.
  13. Using the search fonction with the keyword "Panoxyl", I discovered that almost everyone who used this product got bad results. I've been using it myself for months now and it's still irritating my skin (I use 1/4 of finger on my forehead). The harshness isn't even the worst part. No matter how much you rub the lotion, a part of it will be left unabsorbed and will dry out on the skin. It's invisible, but it makes the skin looks shiny, glossy. When you moisturize 10 minutes later, the dried out