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  1. Hello ! - So after a week of moderate low-carbing (70-80 gr of carbs), my skin was less oily and I had less pimples, in fact my skin was pretty clear ! I added Inositol at the same time, so probably it's the combinaison of both ? But one big thing I've noticed before all : I'm less tired and sleep better than before ! One good point - I went to my endocrinologist but the only thing he did was putting me on a lower dose of Levothyroxine. But today I had new pimples bigger than the other I h
  2. RacingheartZ : Thank you, I'll be glad to be informed since we have quite the same hormonal problem ! Wish you luck too ! I'm still waiting for my glucose tests etc, and my TSH was about 9,6 but my T4 and T3 were in the lab range... And yeah, it's sometimes hard to follow such a strict diet - and not seeing any improvement in my case :/ WishClear : Thanks ! I finally bought the inositol's powder from Source Naturals (I think it's the same you used ?). This morning I woke up with at least 4
  3. Hmm yes, that's why I'm trying to see if lowering the Levothyroxine's dose is gonna do something. I took 75mg today instead of 100, so, wait and see... I've heard about inositol too and want to give it a try, how much should I take ? (and I've see that buckwheat is a great source of d-chiro-inositol and that's what i eat every morning, I'm on the good way haha !) Btw, thanks for your help
  4. Hello ! Little update - I have an appointment with my endocrinologist in 10 days. Hope that he'll give me at least an answer at some of my questions. - I've done an abdominal ultrasound last week and I have no ovarian cysts. I know that you can have PCOS even while having normal ovaries, but since I've just stop to take the pill I'm still waiting for my periods, they should arrive soon haha... I hope that it´s gonna be ok. Waiting for blood tests too. - I've read many things on adrenal fati
  5. Thank you ! I'll tell my doctor about this and update if i have some blood test results to show I think it has something to do with my increased DHEAS levels too ? Edit : sorry I didn't see your answer yellowturtle ! Hmm i don't think my weight loss has a relation witch my acne, but I know that since the moment i started less focusing on it (and focusing more on exercising in order to manage my stress) my acne disappeared. And I followed a really good diet since February of this year but fin
  6. Hello ! First of all, i want to apologize for my really bad english, i'm not a native speaker. I'm glad i've found this site because i'm really, really lost with my hormonal problems, even if i've read like thousands of articles about hormones, acne relations and all this kind of things. Let me tell you my little story, i hope somebody can help me, because doctors didn't seem to be helpful to my case. Sorry, it's really long and full of details... First of all, i'm a 20 years old girl. In