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  1. wanted to add that a good hard scrub with washcloth and water only, followed by NO moisturizer what so ever has been great to add to this daily or as needed. The point is not to add chemicals and do more physical movement and pressure with hands/washcloth. The washcloth has seemed to clear the path for the oil to move out of the folicle in some areas where I had a few tiny blackheads/flesh bumps. My mistake at first was assuming i was looking at dry skin when it was actually DEAD skin, removed i
  2. I was same as you described, My solution was a rough wash cloth and NO FACE CLEANER what so ever. Water ONLY with NO moisturizer. When I say hard scrub I moved a washcloth back and forth at slow speed but with VERY firm pressure, close to what scratching an itch feels like. Rinsed with cool water and my face and every little thing on it was raised and pink. I didnt apply any moisturizer and within 2 hours it had calmed down and looked probably the best its ever been. Did this once a day for wee
  3. Hey I'm new here, (29 y/o male) but wanted to share something that, for me, has cleared my acne, evened out skin tone, moisturized, cleansed, tightened pores by a whole lot and is rly just amazing. The funny thing is...it was right in front of my face literally. For the past month I have read research on skin, products, function and makeup of sebum, lifestyle of ancient civilizations and Ive even observed animals and how they clean themselves. I know its strange but ive learned alot about health