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  1. hey my libido is fine and my erections are normal to, more metal effects can be a bit moody and get on a down cycle quickly well that was before i began my nutritional supplment and business now i taking this i feel alot better and healthier and its cleared my scars alot something roaccutance cant do, theirs better options then to take it i regreat taking it but happy to give advice to anyone. my nurtironal supplement literal has saved my life after it ) and im getting my confidence slowly back
  2. hi i posted the other day my story please read it on here i have suffered it all before anyone considers roacctuance please ask me it has alot effects and is hard to deal with, ive been off it for a few years and now take a veg and fruit supplement its healing my scars and got rid of my acne and helped me with my depression its changed my life. i have started a business in it and i will not name my product here but please just post and ask or message me this is not spam ive used this site al
  3. thanks man love your attitude ive been through it all and i want to help people, people who have not had acne dont know what its like, im concered with people on roacutane its not nice and dangerous i just would like people to speak to someone who has been on it before, ive been taking a health supplemnt called juice plus its cleared most my scars and acne now im so happy im that keen ive started my own business with it, its natural i dont want people on roactuane anyways if anyone you know on h
  4. if you need any help while on this please message i was on it for 4 years it tough but anyway i can help let me know, i might have a cure to help with your acne it helped mine )
  5. Hey to everyone this will be my first post, ive looked on the site for advice over the years but have decided to join today. Im Oliver 28 Yrs from Hampshire in the UK. I have suffered from serve acne since i was 12 im now 28 and it has been the worst and most testing time off my life i have alot to get off my chest about things and i ahvent shared these things with anyone but i need to, to get rid of some demons sorry if the post is long. I tired everything for my acne suffered from depr