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  1. Ive been off accutane for about 4 months now and Im getting mild acne. I tried clearasil BP but it broke me out. I just want a mild face wash that I can use that I dont have to worry about breaking out worse with. Ive mostly just been washing my face with soap in the shower (Dove/Aveeno). Anybody have any recomendations.
  2. How long do I have to wait post accutane for v-beam?
  3. How long was your course and what dosage were you on? 5 months, 90mg
  4. That didn't last long, about a month after accutane, its already back in full force. During my course I was washing my face with Aveeno soap and applying aloe vera, and have kept doing this since. Should I change my regemin, and incorporate BP or something like that.
  5. Should I be using any OTC medications or anything, or should I just stick to washing my face. I have been off accutane for a week now and right now just washing my face, and have developed a few pimples. My doctor said I would get a few pimples after accutane was up, is this normal. I hope so because I would've thought the effects would last a little longer than a week.
  6. I just got done with my course. I've been washing my face with aveeno soap and thats it. Should I add anything new to regimen now that I'm off. I'm getting whiteheads to pop up already which is worrying me.
  7. Well, tried the gillette sensor last night. I have to admit I wasn't impressed. It really scraped me up. Too many blades. I might go with the single blade safety razor.
  8. They are red, so I assume they are red marks. They look almost the same as they did 3 years ago. I have tried aloe vera and scar zone and neither did anything.
  9. I have alot of the same red marks from nearly 3 years ago. They just wont budge. Can I expect to keep these forever? This is starting to get depressing as there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. milk


    Why is it that every time I grow a beard and keep it going for a couple months, and then shave it my skin looks amazing. I mean almost as if I have no redmarks. Then after a couple weeks my skin looks horrible again. Could this be because my redmarks havent gotten any sun so my skin looks much more even?