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  1. once a year or so, I log on to this old message board to see if this topic is still going...NOT JOKING lol
  2. so Walk_the_Wire, what's your reasoning? Given that accutane has a cumulative effect, is it not true that taking any amount, at any time, contributes to its net benefit? This actually happened before! I found another box and the derm said "just tae 20 a day because it will only keep you clear longer...........or you could just sell it and buy a damned car with the proceeds LOL"
  3. So I've been off accutane for like 6 months and shit's starting to come back. I said to myself, "go back! go back!!! ask the dermatologist if you need to go back on" then I found a box of 20mgs and some 40mgs hidden under a bunch of clothes that I haven't washed in 6 months. Should I just take that shit??!?? Best or Worst idea ever: You be the judge.
  4. You guys remember that crazyass asian kid who posted on here like 15 years ago??? I only point out that he was asian because he brought it up all the time. Once, he said that he would take thousands of miligrams of Vitamin C and E a day, because they are water soluble and it's impossible to overdose on them. He said it made his scars go away. I've been drinking Emergen-C llike 100 times a day for the past month and mine are vanishing. Give it a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Did any of you get scars that seem disproportionate to the severity of your former acne after using Accutane? If you answered Yes to that question: when it comes to physical flaws, they say to try to make everything work in your favor - Have you considered covering up your unappealing acne scars with tough, masculine swordfighting scars? They were really popular in Germany in the late 19th Century, and I really can't get over how badass it looks. Tell me your opinion.
  6. side effects were unbearable for me when I went up to 80, and I weighed 125. just laid in bed depressed all the time.
  7. I suspect accutane has been elevating my heartrate, which has made it difficult to sleep, and easy to wake up in the middle of the night. Has anyone else expereinced this? Is this a valid problem?
  8. ugh, I can't imagine why you'd want to. It'd probably just exacerbate the side-effects, e.g. worse back pains, nuclear migraines for the first week, etc...
  9. Accutane is fat soluble or something, so absorption is decreased by 50% if taken without some sort of fat. I generally take it with a piece of bread w/ olive oil and vinegar. Most people take it with a shot of mayonaisse or lard, though.
  10. I think you're gonna have to fall back on morphine.